November 29, 2011

Yule giveaway

I decided to do a giveaway for Yule to celebrate the turn of the wheel. You will find the item further down this post:)
I decided to pass Minerva, my shop model, on to a new home as she was a little too large for the craft room and too heavy when she needed moving. I obviously still needed something to display the shawls on so I decided to go for something a little more dainty.
Meet Dorothea. Why Dorothea? That is what she said she is called and who am I to argue with that?

 I didn't like the duck egg blue or the black areas where the paint had rubbed off so the paints came out. I think this will be a very slow project and goodness knows how I will get the inside part painted. All ideas gratefully received. I'm starting with purple as a base coat then will add various Lumiere metallics and irridescents. Then finally a sparkle.
 As you can see there is rather a long way to go yet.

I seem to be a little better thankfully. I had a chest X-ray on Friday, results tomorrow. The infection appears to be gone but I still have a very wheezy,tight chest. Possibly the asthma lingering rather than leaving with the infection which it usually does.
The doctor  didn't know why I was still ill hence the X-ray. I'm hoping this may be the end of infections for the Winter.
Mr Mog succumbed to it as well, after all it seemed unfair to keep it to myself, he also is getting over it now.

So Yule or Winter Solstice. The shortest day, longest night of the year. A time to celebrate the turn of the wheel as it heads towards the light half of the year . I recently finished a new shawl and as the colours remind me of Holly I thought it might be a good gift for someone. It is quite a large shawl and very warm. The yarn is Zauberball 4ply so it isn't too heavy despite the size.
 If you would like to be considered for the giveaway please leave a comment. I'll choose the winner on the 8th December which will hopefully give time for the shawl to get to you before Yule
 I haven't shown any spinning lately have I?  This first one is oatmeal BFL dyed in the copper colour way by Freyalyn I love her dyeing she has a great eye for colour. There are 590yards here and it weighs 104g
 This is merino silk from the Threshing Barn There are 475yards and 117g here.
I seem to have a bit of a thing for merino silk at the moment. I've some of Freyalyns copper in Merino silk waiting to be spun up. There is merino silk on Tilly Traveller and Merino silk on the Victoria also.


Linz Knits Now said...

Oh Amber, you are the most generous soul I know :)
I hope that Mr Mog and yourself are now feeling ok and I shall continue to pass on good vibes in your direction. xxxx

pip said...

Such a beautiful shawl! I'd love to give it to my mum as I know she would really appreciate it :)

lorraine said...

wow! i love the pattern shows off the color of the yarn beautifully! i love zauberball! :)

Lynn said...

Gorgeous shawl, Amber. It would be perfect for wrapping around me to sit in front of the Yule tree.

Lynn said...

Gorgeous shawl. Perfect for wrapping around shoulders and fire gazing or Yule tree gazing or Solstice dreaming.

Blue Witch said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better.

Have you thought about spraying Dorothea? I would think that it's the easiest way to get to the inside, then you could paint with a brush over the bits more easy to reach. You can often pick up odd cans of car spray paint in reduced bins at B&Q, Halfords etc, or on markets.

Freyalyn said...

Don't include me in the draw, but I love how you've spun the Copper. More is going in the vats this afternoon, (white, oatmeal and with silk) and I'll let you have first choice. Lovely shawl and spinning...

Freyalyn said...

Don't include me in the draw, but I love how you've spun the Copper. More is going in the vats this afternoon, (white, oatmeal and with silk) and I'll let you have first choice. Lovely shawl and spinning...

Judy said...

I love reading your blog and your shawl is calling to me. It is my birthday on the 8th and I would love to gift the shawl to my Mum as she is not at all well at the moment.
Love to Mr Mog and yourself, and glad you are feeling a little better. x

Dori said...

Such a gorgeous shawl! It's obvious you put a lot of work into it. You're very kind to pass it on.

I was going to comment anyway, because I love your homespun. Both skeins look amazing!

Oddny68 said...

The shawl is really beautiful, the greens are glorious. Do you I wonder take orders for your work? I love knitting especially arans, but find lacy patterns frustratingly difficult.
I do often read your blog, but have not previously commented. May I send both you and Mr. Mog my best wishes.

Leanne said...

Morning Amber! taking a break from answering emails re my blog becoming invite only!Wish It wasnt necessasry but there you go! I am glad you are feeling better, its rotten when you arent well. I hope MrMog is doing ok too.

The shawl is stunning, and yes, like holly! Please enter me in the draw, how i would love it own it!

early yule blessings to you

Leanne x

laoi gaul~williams said...

they all look lovely...i have had to order some mohair today for a couple of small projects :)

i have lost your e-mail can you e-mail me please?!

Helen said...

Beautiful, Amber. And generous of you too! Hugs from Helen.

ceridwen said...

Errrm.....I see Leanne (from Somerset Seasons blog) is on the blogroll of this blog and "pops in for a visit" here sometimes.

I have no idea how to contact Leanne to ask (hopefully...) for "invited reader status" to the Somerset Seasons blog. I do hope I might be granted this - so am hoping she/someone will read this comment to help out on this please.

I like Leanne's blog and find it a nice/gentle little "read" of a blog and am hoping to still be able to access it.

(I DO understand that a lot of us are having problems at the moment - with various bitchy type comments being put up against us - and guess that may be a "sign of the times" - ie people being more stressed because of the State of the Economy problems that are impacting on many of us at the moment and maybes causing a few people to come out with comments that they would hold back on in "Normal Times"). I've been on the receiving end of some of this myself....and have had to make my public blogs "comment moderated" in I do understand the problems some of us are having at the moment...

Hoping some kind person/Leanne herself will help me out here to figure out how to contact Leanne to get an "invited reader" invite (and will obviously take the blog off my blogroll if wanted of course).



Leanne said...

Just saw Ceridwens comment above Amber, thankyou for posting it publicly, I have contacted her now.
Hope youre feeling better now?

Leanne x

Mr BW said...

Spraying is definitely the way to go. Not the cheapest, but you wil never avoid drips if you try to brush around wires.
Funds allowing I would wire brush it first to remove the loose bits, give it a spray undercoat (it really is worth it, top coat will look horrible and patchy without) and they go artistic on spray top coats.
As BW said, our local market has a stall that sells odd cans of car paint from time to time rather than £8 a go in Halfords..but then am sure Mr Mog knows all this stuff better than the rest of us.
Hope you continue to kick the bug.

Leanne said...

just popping in, hope youre both ok?

love and blessings, Leanne x

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