November 20, 2011

Still here

Sorry it has been quiet, I am still here. Mr Mog is doing well and his energy levels are a little better. He had a flu jab 2 weeks ago when I did and it made him a little off for a few days but he is a lot better now. I sadly am not. As you may or may not know we always have flu jabs because of my chest problems. Normally we get away with a sore arm and that is it. Last year we didn't and it laid us both low for a week. This year was much worse. I started to become ill around 2 hours after the injection and by evening was very bad. I rang the doctors next day to be told by the triage nurse it was a coincidence, give it a few days you will be ok. Next day Saturday we had to ring emergency doctor, I eded up with antibiotics. Tuesday much worse Mr Mog had to call in doctor, he asked for home visit was told ok if triage nurse says, she will ring back. Two three hours later the nurse rang and kindly allowed that we could have home visit. Doctor gave me new inhaler and steroids. Friday antibiotics finished. Steroids due to finish next day and no better. Doctor appointment after triage nurse assessed,more antibiotics more steroids. Still minimal sleep each night. I have to go back Tuesday for chest X-ray if no better. I had a little better day yesterday but then bad night and today is worse if anything. It would appear that I may have caught a viral infection as well as the effects of the flu Injection. Very very long time since I have ever felt as ill. Poor Mr Mog is shattered as of course he is doing everything and I am keeping him awake every night. So how are you?


Ruby Louise said...

Yikes! Sending healing healthy hugs to you both. Nothing nearly so dramatic here. The first snow of season has added a white dusting to the landscape.

Leanne said...

sorry to hear you reacted to the jab. I had mine a few weeks ago, and I also was pretty poorly for a few days- raging temps and shocking headache, very feverish. Thankfully it passed after a few days. Fingers crossed you are on the mend now . hugs to you both. Leanne xx

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