April 17, 2011


A glorious day today the colours are so vibrant. We went for a walk in the local park
I love the sunshine, it almost makes me purr with the warmth. It seems to massage my aching joints and body.

 As you can see everything has well and truly woken up and the flowers are bursting out all over.
 Lots of blossom everywhere and the park was full of bird song. I think the birds felt as happy as I did.
 Magnolia flowers come in many shades from creamy white to deepest pink but I loved these with the blush of pink.
 Colour always makes me smile and feel better. I don't like bland clothes and I don't like to spin or knit with dull colours. The colours I use do affect my mood.
 So many shades of green in the park today from acid almost yellow to deepest olive.
 We weren't alone on our walk, can you see this fellow?

The ponds have been restocked, hopefully the fish will remain.

 Tulips are my favourite spring flower.
 The chestnut "candles" are out. The flowers always remind me of church candles for some reason.
Last weekend we were at Wonderwool and I met the very talented Maureen Preen. She is a stunning artist who uses peg looms and weaving sticks to create with. She kindly donated some weaving sticks for the interactive area and showed us how to use them. Of course Mr Mog and I  had to purchase our own set and this is the start of a bag I think, it uses Colinette point5 yarn.

This is a shawl I've just finished using Wollmeise sock yarn. I hated every minute of it. The yarn felt like cotton to knit with and hurt my hands.

I made a donation for this fluff that someone generously donated for fundraising for the Air Ambulance. I decided to spin it as it came and love the candy stripe effect. I now need to spin something to ply with it. It is unknown fibre but I love the effect of the different pinks.


 It is the full moon tonight and the sky promises a lovely clear night so hopefully I'll get some pictures


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those tulips are just gorgeous!

pip said...

Another beautifully uplifting post. Thank you! I was at Wonderwool too... had a lovely day dandering around :)

Freyalyn said...

That stuff loooks familiar - I think it was some of mine (I bought a bag of merino ends from World of Wool and it came with far too much pink!). Enjoy!

Blue Witch said...

Your northern parks are wonderful.

Several gardening presenters on TV often mention that they were trained in the horticultural/parks departments of northern towns, and I always admire the regimented displays that some of these towns still put on at Chelsea and other RHS Shows. Not so much quite as ornate down here (in free-entry places, such as public parks, anyway), so it's lovely to share yours.

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