April 12, 2011


I've been reading several things about negativity, partly from people's experiences with the negative button on Ravelry and the effect it has on them. Just 1 click of a button by some anonymous person can  really hurt. They may be doing it for fun or for badness who knows? But the effect can be nasty. 1 friend of mine left Rav because of it, sad really when you see all the good things there. I disabled my disagree button many  moons ago. I don't see any purpose to it, if someone doesn't like something I write that is their prerogative as it is mine to write. They can say they don't like something by all means but honestly not anonymously:) Sometimes I think we forget Karma and the three fold law. What we send out be it positive or negative always comes back threefold. It isn't easy sometimes  to be positive and not negative.I try to  think about the possible results of my thoughts and actions and try to do the right thing.
I don't intentionally hurt anyone by deed or word. Not everyone thinks that way and that is a shame for them as it always rebounds on them I've found.

Life is too short to bear grudges,or be negative after all  you never know what is round the next corner . Isn't it much better to smile, rejoice in the fact you are alive and enjoy each day?

Today is bright and very sunny and the plants are growing speedily. What were bare twigs are now covered in bright green leaves and spring flowers. New growth everywhere you look and there for the enjoying.

I started to think about my current practice of choosing a card from a tarot pack and focusing on it  throughout the day to see what message and meaning there is for me. My current tarot is the Wild spirit pack from Poppy Palin, I like the stories she weaves around the cards and I love the imagery of them. I have several packs of tarot and oracle in my collection. I've been using the Wild spirit one since Imbolc I think? I don't know how long I'll make this my daily card,but when the time comes I'll change on to another pack. I think we have to be flexible and not remain stagnant. Stagnant water isn't nice and stagnant energy is just the same. Ever onwards and outwards on the spiral path gives challenges but also rewards.

It is useful to visual a mirrored shield around when meditating or doing magic. I always see mine as a blueish mirror to reflect the Goddess energy. It is very important to ground and shield before doing anything otherwise it can seriously mess with your body and mind. Magic and witchcraft is not something to play at.


pip said...

As my mum says... crows fly home to roost

Helen Jacobs-Grant said...

Completely agree with everything you have said in this post, I too disabled the disagree button over two years ago now and not looked back since, it makes for a much brighter ravelry experience I feel.

Its perfectly true that if you do good, good will follow you, well that has been my experience :)

(((( hugs ))))

Helen xx

Freyalyn said...

Lovely positive post - thank you.

And I shall try your idea of a card for the day, I think it might be extremely helpful. I'm carrying round a particularly lovely pendulum at the moment, so I'll ask it what pack to use!

Blue Witch said...

good to see you posting again with a nice blue template :)

I hate all this 'rate this, rate that', 'friend this, defriend that', 'like this, negative that' that pervades the internet. It is all so unnecessary and depressing.

tattyknits said...

Wise words :-)

tattyknits said...

Wise words indeed :-)

laoi gaul~williams said...

i love this post!
i also love th eidea of the card a day~funnily enough i was looking at my green man oracle cards i have on my desk. i usually do a spread of three but i like the idea of one daily and then working with it during that time...i may see how it goes!

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