April 27, 2011

Hieros Gamos?

I've been thinking about the wedding this Friday and how it might equate with the sacred marriage of Arthurian legends, then I couldn't remember the phrase I wanted. I woke up this morning with the words Hieros Gamos in my head and thanks to a friend who knows quite a lot about Greek myths I found out a little more and the correct spelling.
The link with the land and the fertility aspects of Beltane all come to mind. Add in the Freemason connection with Royalty and it does all link up, all be it speculative. So did the royals decide on the date because of all this or is it merely a coincidence?
It couldn't happen on Beltane itself because that is A Sunday and of course defender of the faith etc.
As  it coincided with the May day bank holiday weekend was the Friday to give the masses a distraction from all the political stuff happening? At one time Friday was deemed a very unlucky day to get married or to move, Friday for crosses where weddings were concerned and Friday flit(move) short sit for moving house.
I am intrigued by the aspect of hieros gamos and its links with the fertility and abundance of Beltane and May Day and intend to research further.
The going off into the woods and the celebratory sexual aspect of it all.
Beltane for me is a joyous festival and this year particularly a letting go  and closing of the door on the dark half of the year..
The sense of lightening of mood and of atmosphere that started to show itself a little at Ostara now becomes much brighter and more widespread.
Not just for us but for many people I know across the world. This darkness has affected so much of the world not just our small area.
We need the joy but we also need to be aware that the earth needs it too. She is hurting and this could be part of her way of showing us and also of showing us how it could be if we cared a little more for her. If we were more aware of our presence and its effect upon her.
Small steps would help, an awareness of the harm we do. A conscious attempt to heal her where we can. Mindfulness in all we do to her and to ourselves.
Even if we can't practice this minute by minute then a thought or two throughout the day would be a beginning.

Mr Mog has just remarked after reading my meander that perhaps they didn't marry on Saturday because they would miss the football, sounds equally feasible to me:)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Vikings used to get married on Fridays because it is Freya's Day, sacred to the Goddess of Love and Fertility. Just thought I'd throw that tidbit into your mix!

Sea said...

I remember reading somewhere the worst day to get married is supposed to be Saturday? My parents m,arried on a Wednesday which is supposed to be the luckiest day of the week to marry. They have been married for 53+ years.

Freyalyn said...

And apparently Catherine has insisted that trees are brought into the Abbey to form an avenue for them to walk through....

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