January 21, 2011

Thank you Lush Cosmetics NOT:(

As I think I may have mentioned my card was cloned just after Christmas and I found out in the worst circumstances while trying to pay a hotel bill from our trip down south for Mr Mog's aunts demise.
That was the first I knew of it and it didn't help that we needed cash to come back. The bank wanted to stop the card there and then but agreed to pay the bill(after asking why we were so far from home) and agreed not to stop the card until we had drawn enough funds to see us home and until the new card arrived.
I had been wracking my brain wondering how it happened and thought it may have been a certain online book place because that was the place from the previous hacking.
Well it isn't.
Just had an email from Lush Cosmetics saying that their website was hacked and for all customers to get in touch with their bank as cards have been compromised.
Thank you Lush for the delay letting us know, almost a month now.
I shop at so few online stores using my card because of security. Looks like this may be one less of them
IF I need any more Lush stuff it will be shop only. No more online website for me.
I know it is never a good time to have stuff like this happen but on top of the upset of the death of aunt it was too much.
Edited to add Lush cosmetics not yarn


Antoinette said...

Totally fair enough. It's not what you need on top of everything. And that is quite a delay with letting you know!

Blue Witch said...

I'd be asking Lush for compensation...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Some people use a separate credit card (with a low credit limit) exclusively for on-line shopping. Then if it gets compromised, you still have your other, "real" credit card for personal use so you're not left high and dry.

Mandy said...

Is this Lush cosmetics or Lush yarn?

laoi gaul~williams said...

oh how horrid~how come it took them so long :(

the idea of having a low limit card is a very good one.

Sea said...

Have not had this problem..as yet..but feel sad for you

Artis-Anne said...

What took them so long to let folks know I wonder ? !! Bad business practise to say the least:(
Its a sad fact of life that however much technology advances re security issues someone will be bound to hack into it .

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