January 08, 2011


 Sometimes people touch our lives very briefly.
Other times they remain a big part and we would be lost without them.
Then there are those who we may never meet face to face but we count them as good friends none the less.

We are virtual friends and yes, sometimes,  we say we must meet up but for various reasons it never happens.
It doesn't matter though, the friendship exists on a different level that is all.
The trouble is that when something happens you find yourself wishing you had met up. You will never now have that chance.

Why this post?

A few short years ago I met someone on line and hit it off immediately. She was a fellow crafter and a fellow pagan. We exchanged emails ,occasionally post cards and gifts, sometimes texts and the very rare phone call.
I admire this person very much, she has lived with Cancer for a long time with patience (and good humour most of the time). She kept in constant email contact when we found about about Mr Mog's cancer and subsequent treatment.
She has received all the various treatments and now has decided that enough is enough and she wants to let her life come to a natural end.

As another friend said yesterday "She had decided to take control, stop treatment and die with dignity. The last few weeks she has been more content and happy than she has for a very long time"
I respect and honour her choice, for choice it was, and I send her much love and strength for this next difficult part of her journey.

Know that you are much loved.
Sparkles to you


Blue Witch said...

An admirable, brave and courageous decision.

Wishing her well with her journey to the next place.

Linda said...

She truly sounds like a brave person. x

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, she has taken control of the situation, as only she has the right to do. Bright blessings to your friend and to you.

Erica said...

This subject is very near and dear and recent to my heart as well. I'm sending good thoughts and wishes to all involved.

laoi gaul~williams said...

a brave soul indeed~sending blessings on her path

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