January 02, 2011

Happy new year

2011 already or is it finally? Seems to have been a very mixed year chez Moggies.
Having to go to the south east  wasn't easy. Not just the fact that the journey took over 8 hours instead of the normal 5.5 but that when we got there we had just 24 hours with Mr Mog's aunt before she passed away. Sadly she didn't regain consciousness throughout it but we didn't stop talking to her all the while just in case she could hear or sense us on some level.
I have known her for 17 years I think and it was always a joy to visit and to speak with her on the phone. She had been housebound for a few years but her phone had always been her method of keeping in touch with family and friends across the world. We spoke several times a week and it was never a chore to ring her.
She was 93 when she died and up to the end had a very active mind and joy in life. She played scrabble and did quizzes when she could. It is only a few years ago that she stopped her summer time swims in the sea.
She died peacefully I'm glad to say. She just stopped breathing and there was no pain at the end for her. A good death as they say, although are any deaths good?  Just before the end both Mr Mog and I saw something leave her and fly towards the ceiling and we both asked each other "did you see that?"

The practicalities of a death at Christmas were soon to try us. When we went back next day for the medical certificate of death all the doctors who had been on duty had of course gone off. We then found out that this certificate can only be signed by one of the medical team attending her. We had to go back next day for it. In the meantime we decided it was feasible to start planning the funeral, after all this all had to be done while we were down there. None of it could be done over the phone. Funeral director was very helpful and provisionally booked for us. Another side issue of it being Christmas, lots of deaths so backed up funerals. It will be 2 weeks to hers. Then off to clear her room, a sad task but needed doing immediately as the home give you just 7 days to clear things before they dispose of it all. And yes again couldn't be done when we return home of course.
Another night in the hotel, our third, and then the following morning collection of medical certificate, registering death. This offered some problems, you now have to book appointments and they were also backed up.
However after explaining our circumstances and long journey home they kindly agreed we could go and sit and they would fit us in. This done back to undertakers to give them release form to collect body and officially arrange funeral. This done it was back up the motorway.

But there were other problems, well there would be wouldn't there?
When I went to pay the hotel account they refused my card. Phone calls later I found out it had been cloned:(
Bank agreed to pay bill and then wanted to stop card immediately. I explained we didn't have any money and needed to travel home so they let me draw some before stopping it.
I will get a new card in 5 to 7 days. They told us a series of cards had been cloned from Internet transactions. As in the last time this happened the main place I've used the card is Amazon. Apart from that just Lush once and M&S once.  I can't prove that it is Amazon of course but what is the betting on it?
So is that it you ask? No there was more.
Mr Mog has travelled this route for around 35 years, I've been travelling with him for past 17. You would assume we knew our way wouldn't you?

We got lost:( We found ourselves heading towards the dreaded sigil of hell, the M25. Neither of us could tell you why we lost our way, maybe aunt didn't want us to go who knows? The weird thing is though that despite the mix up we only took 5.5 hours to return home.

Yesterday was spent with aunt's Christmas cards and 3 address books trying to match up first names with phone numbers to ring and inform people. We are a small family on aunt's side so this was primarily her friends and the nieces of her husband. None of whom we knew. Took over 4 hours but we are hopeful we contacted everyone.
Phew, glad to get it all down on paper while still fresh in my mind.

Happy new year everyone who read this far:)


mel said...

sorry it was such an ordeal on top of losing your beloved Aunt. she sounds a marvelous soul....active into her 90's..i think that's fantastic.

on a side note - i had a card compromised a year or so ago, and the ONLY place i had used it, was Amazon. so there you go.

hope things move smoothly for you now...i think of you often as i'm sitting writing at my desk, wrapped in your beautiful shawl.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm glad Mr. Mog's aunt had a peaceful end, with no pain. She's so lucky to have you to take care of all those tasks that must be done.

Freyalyn said...

Love and hugs to you both. It's so hard when you have to deal with all of this, but you will come through. It could have been so much worse. Let's hope 2011 is better for us all.

Antoinette said...

I'm so sorry that it's been such a difficult time for you AM. Your aunt/friend sounds like such a wonderful soul, and from what you say here, she reminds me of my grandma who was in her 90's when she died last year.

I too had a card compromised, most likely through using it with Amazon. I shop at Book Depository now. hehe...

A very Happy New Year to you, and I hope 2011 brings you great joy, and many delicious yarns!

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