July 07, 2007

Tour de France KAL, my prologue and sheep, what sheep??

'll no doubt be

I've done my prologue, what you can't see is the amount of frogged yarn on the ball:( I knit, I frogged, I knit I frogged. Several times, more than several times I frogged the darned thing:( What is it with the mog and lace? Or specifically sock yarn and lace? I can't feel the darned yarn with these arthritic fingers and that doesn't help. I also can't get the hang of the YOs etc. But here we have 24 rows of the Forest Canopy Shawl. Not the diamonds one although similar. I figured after almost a dozen attempts at the diamonds one I'd have a rest. I got so frustrated I cast on a mixed fibres shawl. Think I may go in for the speed jersey as well, just for a little light relief:)
T'other picture is a little something I picked up in a charity shop. Namely 5 sheep. I thought I'd take them for an airing on the prom and they loved the figure so much they wanted to be photographed with it:)
You'll no doubt be seeing more of them as they seem to be outward going sheep. Tomorrow they are going to a kite festival, they don't have a kite yet but Mr Mog is thinking of making them one. Watch this space


Brahdelt said...

What a cute bunch of sheep! Yes, let's show our sheep flocks to the world! ^^ I'll post mine soon, too. And what an interesting sculpture! ^^

Chelsea said...

Even though things were frogged, you have something that you didn't have yesterday. It looks beautiful! Good job and I'm glad that you're persistent. :) Go maillot a pois rouges!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me about the sculpture! It is deivine. I would love to know the sculptors name and the title.


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