July 29, 2007

Tour de France KAL, I've finished:))

Yeah I've finished my 3rd shawl in 3 weeks and its blocking as we speak. Sadly the early learning play mats take away the colour somewhat I'll do a proper picture once its blocked and fringed. Maybe tomorrow, otherwise Tuesday. But it is finished:) Other pictures are from our walk on the promenade this morning. The tide was in and the yachts were out. The view across to the Lake District hills is very clear. Mr Mog took these:)
So what is the next challenge??
I think I'm going to hazard a try at one of alison's shawls from her book Wrapped in comfort
I love the stories that go with the patterns. It isn't just a pattern book per se.
Glorious day here today, blue skies and fluffy white clouds and a breeze. Makes up for no camp:)


Probably Jane said...

Great shawl - a fine TdeF performance. I have snakes and ladders on my ELC playmats - would have looked far worse!

Dana said...

Beautiful photos of the promenade views and your shawls are striking/lovely.

Diane said...

You're just a shawl knitting machine!

Craftydramaqueen said...

yay! You did it! Well done! xx

Tammy said...

Your shawls are just beautiful!! I have enjoyed all of your pictures.

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