July 10, 2007

tink? no I'd say stink Giving up on the polka dot TdeF Kal

Sad is the tale I relate to you:( As you can see from the picture the moggie and lace Bleuch!
I have just about had it with this forest canopy shawl and I'm giving up going for the polka dot jersey. I'm going for the speed instead. Lets try another shawl shall we? There are several reasons this didn't work and notice I didn't say excuses. Firstly I don't do good lace.
Secondly these arthritis hands can not feel fine yarn too good and that makes it hard. I will try again sometime with thicker yarn but not now. Not until the pain and embarassment have gone:) And Tink?? tink you say? I'd say stink . Why do I find it hard to do lace? I even followed Marianne's advice and put a flipping lifeline in. That took me 15 minutes because there again fine needle and fine yarn don't work well for me.
So I've fallen before we even get into the mountains and no stamina. I've tinked around 20+ times past few days and have you any idea how depressing that is? When one has managed to knit fine yarn for many rows and then has to say bye to it? I actually got up to 5 pattern repeats plus 16 set up rows, thats 56 rows to lose. Well I haven't actually lost the main piece as you can see. I'm thinking of framing it with a caption saying "no lace for the moggie" what do you think?
So its off to the yarn stash to find some for a shawl.


Anonymous said...

NO ! you bad girl you cannot give up.I'd be the only knitter who can't do lace then. Think of all the other lovely stitches , textures etc. I love your shawls . I know folks who can't do fair-isle . When I see Gill's gorgeous shawls I admit to twinges of jealousy but I just enjoy the textures and colurs and I know you do too.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh Amber please don't feel its a failure: maybe its the wrong pattern for you? I did the Melon Shawl in VLT and that was a rectangle which I think is far easier as you don't have to figure out the side shaping and pattern as well. I have to say I also rather doing lace in thicker yarn and on bigger needles than the pattern states.
Besides you create things that I can only dream about :)
Many thanks for your kind comments on my blog too :)

fibreclaireUK said...

How about using mohair and 5.5mm needles? Fiddlesticks have some lovely straight-forward patterns - including one called 'Triple Mohair Triangle' on bigger needles.

Lace is lace - the technique, NOT the thickness of the yarn - can you tell I struggle with anything finer than 4 ply???

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