January 30, 2007

MY SP gift arrived:)

A beautiful, thoughtful final gift arrived today from my SP Brooke White willow
Its been great getting to know her over the past few months and I know we will keep in touch.
I know, I know you want to see a picture right?
I received Godiva chocolate bar(eaten already)
a great little pad for keeping track of my rows doing lace:)
Green tea with flowers, smells delightful.
choccy biscuits. Never had these before and they are yummy:)
pot pourri in a rich fruity flavour.
stitch markers of lions for this Leo moggie:) Never seen anything like these before and Brooke made them me herself:))
A card and
Had to shout that because it is incredible:) A rich moggie colour for sure.
Brooke I really can't say thank you enough for all your gifts but this, this will be made into a shawl(naturally) just for me. I'm thinking some gorgeous eyelash mohair to go with it. Jo
are you listening, do you have any in your stash that will go with this??
I'm off to fondle my yarn now, please don't disturb me unless its absolutely necessary:)


Marianne said...

shhh, I'm being ever so quiet here, mustn't disturb the Leo Moggie,.... your shawl is going to be so beautiful, can hardly wait to see it all blocked out! The calorimetrys are gorgeous and yes, they're a great little knit!
What a beautiful parcel! All the lovelies for you, mmmmmmmmm. Delightful!

Unknown said...

Hooray! I'm so glad everything made it safe and sound- I was wondering if you had ever had those cookies before- they're my favorite with coffee in the morning :) I thought you'd be pleased with your yarn :) I couldn't send your final package without some!! Happy knitting- I'll see you in Avalon!

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