January 02, 2007

Happy belated New year

A belated happy new year from the moggie. We lost our power on New Years Eve around 5.30pm and have just got it back today 2nd Jan at 3pm. That translated as 2 night with no electricity not an easy thing and at new year also. Luckily we always have plenty of candles and tealights in the house so it was a simple matter of lighting them all:) The new stove was a godsend. Weren't we lucky that it had been fitted a few weeks ago? Heat and we could cook on it also. We had already decided to have our friends and neighbours around for new year so that went ahead . It was delight to sit around a cosy stove chatting and enjoying the atmosphere of candlelights. A few glasses of wine and later on the curry that our friend had made and that had sat bubbling gently on top of the woodburner. We had also wrapped pitta breads in foil and they too warmed atop the stove. The moon was incredibly bright to say it wasn't quite full then. She lit the way across the courtyard as our friends returned home.Next day we had porridge cooked on top of the woodburner and then lunch was a mixture of ham, potatoes and onions cooked in the wok. I sat the wok inside the stove and it made speedy work of cooking. For the evening meal I let a selection of vegetables and stock cook into a veg soup. The only drawback was it was very hard to read by candles. We went to our other friends house next door in the evening to play games and chat(by candlelight of course) My main worry was the freezer of meat that I didn't want to spoil. Fortunately when the power came on there was still ice in the freezer and the meat wasn't too soft.
Today my grandsons have arrived for a couple of days and they were very disappointed that we weren't living by candles:))
I have got plenty of knitting done though. I've done a couple of earflap hats, photos when camera connected. Also progress on my cream shawl.
Right off to catch up on the blogs I read:)


Unknown said...

Losing power is no fun, but it sounds like you made the best of it! It actually sounds like it was really romantic, in a nostalgic sort of way. Hope you're having fun with the grand kiddies!

Anonymous said...

And yet in many a costume drama three candles and the room is lit enough to do miniatures paintings ! Happy New Year to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the hat and shawl!
All in all, it sounds like a delightful time and I'm glad you didn't lose any of the frozen foods!

Anonymous said...

Amber, I feel your pain! We lost power for 6 days and nights after the Dec. 14 storm and it really stopped being fun some time prior to that. I was okay reading by candlelight, but forget knitting. I made a mess of it. Glad to hear you're back in the electrical world again!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Amber! I rather like the sound of no electricity, woodburner and candles....;)

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