October 10, 2014

The last of Autumn's bounty

Today we harvested the last of our fruits. The tomatoes were already finished but we found these few last apples hidden on the tree. I will make a pie for Sunday I think as we probably have friends coming to visit and it's good to share Natures Bounty with friends.
It's been a weird week. Monday we had our flu injections. Tuesday I felt awful and after a very early disappointing morning visit to the consultant about the result of my knee resurfacing I spent the rest of the day cuddled up to a hot water bottle. Consultant wasn't much help. The knee resurfacing had a 50/50 chance of working and it was my choice to take it. Trouble is it has made the pain much worse and he wasn't really interested. The flu injection washed me out. Wednesday was no better and Mr Mog started then with same symptoms. So both of us felt sorry for ourselves. On ringing the doctors we were told that it usually only lasted 48 hours:(
Thursday I felt better and after a first podiatry appointment felt brighter. The appointment was only supposed to be an assessment then a decision as to if I could have treatment on the NHs. But the podiatrist was very nice and actually did the assessment then some work on my feet. They feel so much better.
We were supposed to be going to drop a first birthday present off in cumbria but got partway there and Mr Mog wasn't well so home we went. He had a bad day but today has thankfully been better for both of us. So a reason to thank the Goddess and celebrate in a small way.
I have been playing though
A needle felted mermaid made her appearance. She has joined the other occasional goddesses in my colour journal.


Blue Witch said...

A pressed mermaid? She looks very pretty though.

Lots of the people I know have been rough after this year's flu jab. Hope you're both fully recovered now.

Sorry the consultant seems to have no other ideas for your knee. It's almost like they want to pretend they don't fail sometimes. Seems odd that there is nothing else that can be tried.

Our last tomatoes seem much earlier this year - but then they started earlier, so I suppose we can't have everything...

Antoinette said...

your harvest looks delish! And that's a sweet looking mermaid : )

Sorry to hear that you've been unwell - and Mr Mog too...warmest healing wishes to you.

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