October 02, 2014


I received a beautiful present yesterday from an online friend of ours . We have met in person once I think but Sara sent us these as a belated birthday gift. The first is one of those "saw this and thought of you" scenarios and isn't it perfect? It's a tile she found on her travels. Mr Mogs logo when he makes things is a black cat and of course the other "may" mean me;)

 I love it, the simplicity of design but perfect.
Sara also makes things and knew of my love for magpies.
Simply delightful:)

Thank you for all your lovely comments. They are much appreciated. It's good to be back. 
I passed on all the comments about my blanket to the maker. Her name is Sue and she used to blog at WyeSue knits   But can now be found primarily on Ravelry as WyeSue. If you are on there I urge you to go and see her stunning knitting and crochet.
We have come up to spend a couple of days with Sue,her husband and this:-
 This is Boris and he is a sweetie. He loves Mr Mog sitting next to him on the sofa . Last night Mr Mog spent quite a while saying "no Boris" when he kept lifting his head and gazing at Mr M saying "stroke me"

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Blue Witch said...

I understand that most of London spend their time saying, "No Boris!" too... Probably most of the UK in a few years too...

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