September 27, 2014

Did you miss me? very long post

its been a long while since I blogged, too long I think. I've just been reading 2 blogs ,blogs that I have followed for many moons.
 Both had inspired me to start my own. This was a time when blogging was very new and not many people wrote them. I collected a reading list as time went on and some (a few) are still here but the rest have long gone sadly. As Antoinette says, we have an instant world now, Pinterest Twitter facebook all snippets and sound bites but no substance to it. I wasn't sure I would ever blog again time seemed to pass and I did other things, read other things. Got on with life stuff.
But I miss musing on paper, or what passes for paper. So let's see how it goes.
How about a small snapshot of what has been going on since we last spoke ? No particular order on the pictures as I am being lazy;) So here goes

 Autumn now. And a trip to a local garden centre for lunch gave me chance to capture pictures of these glorious acers at their best.

July saw me going back into hospital, this time to resurface the kneecap on the same knee that was replaced last year. the consultant  told me that it was a 50/50 chance of removing pain but a chance I had to take. Sadly it hasn't worked and the pain is worse if anything. Ah well there were some consolations.
lots of flowers came to greet my return from hospital 

Going into hospital a friend insisted I borrowed her tiny drop spindle. "You need to spin in hospital "she said.
so I did and I knit socks

One of the things on my bucket list has always been to ride the Settle to Carlisle railway line
I anticipated just being able to do that but a very dear friend arranged a birthday surprise for me (us)

A return trip from Lancaster to Carlisle on the Fellsman steam train Not only that but first class with breakfast and dinner silver service. a trip of a lifetime and we both loved it:) The journey encompasses the Settle Carlisle section and we travelled through some stunning countryside.Everywhere you looked there were people at the side of the line taking pictures or just waving to us.
Mr Mog goes to a railway club a couple of times a week and the enthusiasts there kept on about a Black 5 steam engine and hoping he would be lucky enough to travel on a train pulled by this engine. as you can see he was:)

Everywhere you looked there were people at the side of the line taking pictures or just waving to us.

 At Appleby there were vintage buses waiting to take people for a cruise on Ullswater. they would meet us on the way back.

 these flowers were on every table in first class and we were requested to take them home at the end of the journey.
 I think the engine driver was enjoying himself.
 Carlisle looked quite magnificent in the August sunshine
 I love this reflection
 Taking on water
 All these pictures were taken with my little fuji camera from a moving train so I am very pleased with how they turned out.

 these remind me of gravestones, I wonder if they are too help keep back the snow from the railway line in winter?
 set up for dinner on the return journey

 so many people enjoying the trains journey

 the wagon driver stopping to take a photograph.

 even a solitary cameraman

So the birthdays. Mr Mogs birthday celebrations lasted a week. It was a milestone and needed to be celebrated:) So the week started with open house on Sunday  for family and friends. 
This was the first cake:) purchased from supermarket last minute as it was a sudden thought of mine to have a cake. decorations from Mr Mogs collection;)

many many cards and gifts arrived on the actual day .

This was the second cake, made by eldest grandson for the actual day. it was very tasty also:)

Cake the third was made by a friend of ours for the following weekend when we attended a wool event in Cheshire and more friends and family came to help him celebrate:)
It has a bicycle as Mr Mog has been a lifelong cyclist, bells because, as those who know him can recall, he always has bells on the bottom of his trousers. started when grandsons were young as a joke but has continued. At least I always know where he is;) Cats for obvious reasons and knitting as our friend couldn't find a spinning wheel:) The cake went very quickly.
Week after was my birthday and Mr Mog surprised me with a cake made by the same friend and first cake I have had since my wedding.

Again lots of elements that reflect me.
my cards:) 
There has been creativity

and storing the tastes of summer and autumn. Lots of strawberry gin and vodka, blackberry gin and vodka, raspberry gin and vodka. also plum brandy, damson gin on the go as i couldn't find sloes. there are blackberries and damsons awaiting turning into wine. first time I will have made wine in over 15 years I think. Hope it turns out ok. watch this space. this picture shows just a small taste of whats stored.

There always has to be shawl knitting of course:) This one I spun the yarn and knit the shawl. Fibre was BFL and Silk from Freyalyns fibre on easy Colourway is silver skies.

And always socks, hospital knitting continues apace and I have found a new love for socks. look at this fabulous yarn. Doesn't it lift the spirits ? Mr Mog loves wearing these. The yarn is Regia  Fluormania,  colour way is rainbow in case you hadn't guessed.
More socks.
Current knitting also bright. a shawl in Solstice yarns changeling

Colourway Dream of India and I am afraid I don't know the purple colour ways name.
So current stuff? Mr Mogs PSA is up a little so he has ct and bone scans booked for Monday, hopefully no bad news. He continues to amaze me  with his positivity and long may that continue.
Phew going to try and get back into the rhythm of blog writing. I do enjoy it. Hope you are all well.
Thanks Antoinette for rekindling the flame:)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I enjoyed reading about your wonderful train trip. And those cakes! So marvelous. Happy birthday to both of you!

Antoinette said...

It's so very fab to see you back in your lovely space Ambermog! And a delicious post with lots of news and pics too.

I had to chuckle at all the yummy cakes. I love any excuse for a cake, and birthdays provide multiple cake opportunities! There must always be cake.

Roobeedoo said...

Happy birthdays and rainbow socks! :)

Blue Witch said...

Lovely to see you posting again so that I can catch up with you.

Fingers and toes crossed for good news after today's appointment.

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