September 27, 2014


I bet you didn't think I'd blog again so soon:)
Today we went to a Greenwood fair, mainly to see a new artist who I had recently found. She has a definite affinity with hares. Her etsy shop is Wilderness Felt. We had purchased this a little while ago and I was entranced.

Isn't she gorgeous? so naturally when I found out Wilderness Felt would be at the fair we had to go along. There was quite a lot going on especially fun if you had children -lots of fun things to try. We had a little mooch of the stalls and spent a long time with the raptor charity who had brought a few birds along, all rescued some in absolutely heartbreaking circumstances. They had a little owl who couldn't perch properly as it had been found living in a hamster cage:( I spent some time communing with and stroking, a barn owl. he was beautiful.
Mr Mog purchased this felt picture
my photo doesn't really show the hare at its best, its actually more defined in real life. We didn't spend long there so decided to call in garden centre on way home for a bite to eat. there were more colours to be seen today
I sat in the cafe trying to find pieces of paper to write on, i didn't have my note book with me. I ended up picking up a couple of receipts off the tray that had been left on our table. I knew I had to write while the words were bubbling out. I was watching crows over the trees outside, hundreds of them. this is what I wrote.
 A murder of crows or is it a massacre when so many?
Trees of gold and red, russet glowing in Autumn sunlight.
The smell of earth and mold.
Of Winters chill not far away.
But still joy to be found in Lady Autumn's beauty.
Her coat of many colours rustling as she passes
We give thanks for Her bounty.
Sloes and brambles staining fingers as we risk the thorns to grasp them
Sweet chestnuts - again in hedgehog spines.The horse chestnuts drop conkers on my head as I try to pick the fallen ones.
The apples now are ripe and drop gently into an outstretched palm at a flick of the wrist.

 our nasturtiums have had a second flush and are so vivid around Mr Mogs railway


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I have a great affinity with hares too. I must check out that Etsy shop! That's one thing I noticed when I was in England a few years ago. Hares and rabbits figure much more prominently in pagan imagery there than here in North America. Love it!

mel said...

what a lovely hare!! and my own nasturtiums are blooming merrily away, oblivious to the fact that everything else is shriveling up. perhaps they know their colours complement the tree foliage...

i popped over from Antoinette's blog....i recognized your name and had a little *squee* of delight. you probably don't remember, but i bought two lovely woolen shawls from you...oh...about a lifetime ago When Blogging Was New. ;)

they still keep me toasty in the cold days...

lovely to see that you're reviving your bloggy space. one more for the revolution ;)


Antoinette said...

That hare is sublime! He's got magics, I'm sure of it :)
I love your images, your poem and the Autumnal energy...I just love Autumn *sigh*.

Blue Witch said...

We've seen a couple of hares recently - first time for ages.

The felt and those acers are perfect colour companions, aren't they?

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