October 13, 2013

Autumnal magic potions

 Today was magic potion day:)  I always try to make my Nan's recipe for winter, a secret mix of autumn fruits spices and honey. Ideal for coughs, colds, flu and a general tonic through winter.
I had struggled to find elderberries this year. We had found plenty of blackberries and black currants but no elder.  However last night 2 very dear friends arrived with 11 pounds of elderberries so the fun could begin:) They only took part of the forest harvest, leaving plenty for winter feed for the animals and birds. They even prepared them for me so no taking them off the stalks needed.
Here you see the first stage, fruits simmering slowly to release the juices.
Almost ready

 Now the fun, squeezing every bit of juice ready for stage 2. All the fruit remaining will go to the woods for the birds. As will a little bit of juice as a libation for the Goddess and a thank you.
 Stage 2 the spices and secret ingredients added along with my last 2 jars of Blue Witch's marvellous honey and some local honey to make up the total needed.
 Bottled ready for labelling. I ran out of the smaller bottles so had to use the litre ones until I get more supplies
 nothing remaining in the pans
 We had so much the last lot had to go in a honey jar for now. Over 6 litres of autumn magic for friends and family.

The house smelt glorious and I loved being part of the old magic once more.

1 comment:

Blue Witch said...

*wants friends who pick and destalk elderberries for me*

Where can I get some?

I can smell it from here! Delish.

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