September 27, 2013


Today I decided to paint some shoes. 2 pair were yellow and purchased cheaply in sales. one pair were black and I don't normally do black if I can help it. So the Lumiere paints came out:)

 these were the plain black. i used a pencil with eraser tip to add colour and then trailed glitter around each dot.
 these were yellow, bright yellow and so not me.
 These also were a yellow and again not me so Indigo lumieres to the rescue

Then a picture of them all together, and yes I do seem to have a spotty theme going;)

The thing is that if I get bored I can always repaint. 
Off to a new yarn festival tomorrow. Yarndale in Skipton. Sounds promising and its always good to meet up with friends which is the main reason Mr Mog and I are going.  Just doing the one day as we have other plans for Sunday and TBH  it will be a wee bit strange going as  visitors and not being involved with the interactive area which both Woolfest and Wonderwool have and where we and many friends, fund raise for the air ambulance.


CJ Kennedy said...

Very cute.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Fun designs! They'd be fun to wear too, I bet.

laoi gaul~williams said...

fantastic! i have a friend who did the same with some boots, i even think it was the same paint.
i have been thinking about it with a pair of boots i own and don't wear very much

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