September 25, 2013


Autumn is well on its way. The dusk and dawn hold promise of winter on their breath. a chill in the air after the heat of this years long hot summer. Leaves are changing, some already falling making circular carpets around the base of the trees.
A confetti for the Old Ones, but also a reminder of the turn of the wheel. Days go by faster now, not just because sunset is over and done with before 9pm. But the daylight hours seem to have been fast forwarded. A speedy way of looking at things.
A time to get done what we have to outside before darkness takes over and says "enough".
I love this time of the year, I love the colours in the landscape. I love the evening skies, the splendour of each sunset fleeting though it may be.
We have had a fabulous crop of tomatoes from our hanging baskets of tumblers. Hundreds of sweet red fruits which have now been eaten or roasted in the oven with garlic and onions then made into soups for the freezer.
The alpine strawberries have also done well in this their first year. The intensity of the perfume and the taste an explosion in the mouth each time you eat one. I have used them in simple recipes so the flavour wasn't lost. Warmed gently with a teaspoon of local honey to release the juices then folded into a fool made with quark, fromage frais and yoghurt. Bliss and a sweetness all its own. I also added them to a blackberry crumble as it goes into the oven. So amongst the tart  fruit a gem of red sweetness twinkling in the  dark juices.
Several mixed in the crumble topping also as a surprise mouthful.
I notice the crab apples in the avenue are ripening and wonder if to pick a few or not? The house across from us has elderberries turning purple and she never uses them. I wonder if she would allow me to harvest them? I would like to make Elder Rob for winter colds and maybe a little wine to bubble gently in the hearth.
I must ask her. She also has an abundance of apples that she leaves to drop. occasionally she puts some on the wall for passers by.


Freyalyn said...

Crabapples make a wonderful jelly or fruit cheese.

laoi gaul~williams said...

i love this time of year so much, its nearly time for pannage here and the acorns on the trees are huge. plus all the wild fruits are going wild, we have picked 4lbs of sloes and there is more than enough left for the birds...makes up for last year when my sloe harvest was 6 berries!

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