August 08, 2013

Wow 8th August already


8th August 2013 and a long while since i have written but the urge is upon me once more.

 My head has been full.  In part all that has happened - my knee replacement, all the drugs and all the pain then the subsequent withdrawal symptoms from giving up 3 different painkillers.
 But full also with the promise of Autumn. The inward journey toward the self and the dark magic as opposed to the light nature magics.

The balance of the dark side. Not dark evil but dark being the more spiritual magic as opposed to the nature and outward practical side.
 The first smell of Autumn's chill in the evening twilight or taste of her glory on dawn's first light.
She calls me, beckons me.
To reread old and new tomes. Although these are peoples perceptions of the magical path not the only way. But they are interesting none the less.

For me the magical path is the journey. No instant enlightenment from within the pages of a book, but a reminder to me certainly that it is the journey that is important, never the destination. 

 For if we concentrate on just that to the exclusion of the truly magical path and journey we take then we lose sight of who and what we are.
 Journey is the key for me.

Roads can vary from old sheep tracks to the super fast multi lane motorways and so too can our journey.
 Being human means our journey can meander through good, bad, dreadful, fantastic, nightmare and joy. It is a spiral never a straight trip.
  And when we lose sight of where we want to be we have to remind ourselves that it IS a spiral. The next turn or bend of the road will be different.

 We all lose our way, the key I think, is not to treat it as an end.
 Searching or not the road is always moving..
 I've had my tarot packs out also, they too call at this time of the year and remind me to explore them.
I always keep the same pack on my altar and each morning shuffle then take the top card.

Its meaning isn't always apparent immediately,  but the past week while these thoughts were uppermost, I have drawn the magician twice and fortuneteller twice.

They reinforce my next part of the path. 

The magician in this particular pack I take as change and the fortune teller as inward spiritual journeying .

It helps to have the confirmation if it were needed. My other packs are also old friends and these I read for myself in the main.

We approach Mr Mog's birthday and although no Mogfest this year - Mogfest2 - The Return is already at the planning stage:)
Mr Mog continues to respond favourably to the drug trial which makes me very glad as you can imagine.

Oh and me?
knee replacement was 7 weeks ago and it has been very traumatic and painful but I hope it will continue to improve.
One joint then less to worry about. I have lost 2 stone since Yule and almost 1.5 stone of that since April with the help of slimming world.

I needed to lose some weight for the operation but I am continuing because I would very much like to be nearer my old weight.
And you?
How are things with you all?
I have barely dipped into my blog list with these past few months but hope to call and say hello to you all soon.


Blue Witch said...

Lovely to hear from you, and glad that things are going well for you both health-wise.

Nice to see the pictures form your garden - your tomatoes are doing better than ours by the look of it.

Well done on the weight loss!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Good for you on losing weight and enduring the tribulations of knee replacement surgery -- it will all be worth it in the long run. And glad to hear that Mr Mog is prospering so well too.

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