August 11, 2013

Little altars everywhere

I read a book with the above title many moons ago .The book did nothing for me but the title obviously stuck:)
We have been having an autumnal clear out and move round and after doing this the above phrase came into mind. I hadn't realised how many little altars there were around the house.

 All hold things of meaning to me or us. The amethyst in here given by a friend who passed away a few years ago and the goddess pendant from the same person. The bowl was from a craft exchange some years ago and holds affirmation cards from another friend.
 The goddess in here lost her arms in accidents a long time ago but is no less dear to me. Mr Mog needle felted the sheep for me.
 The shrines were made by me a long while ago and the goddess came from a charity shop and I painted her. The pledge stick was made for me by Mr Mog.
 Hares are special to me and I love this set of oracle cards from Hannah Willow
 Some of my  tarot packs.
 I made this nest from some of my hand dyed and unspun fibres, it was going to be a bowl but when I added the magpie card it became a nest.
 gifts and wheels, what more could you want:)
 I purchased this last year at Mogfest from a very creative friend.
 Yet more birds watching over the Buddha figure
 this altar holds my card a day and items made for me in the main by Mr Mog or gifted by friends
 Wood I love
 This is our incense cupboard that the Buddha guards, full of oils and ingredients for making incense. open the doors and the smell is out of this world
 Transformation butterfly

Colour lifts my spirits.

Not all were set up as altars but as I looked around I realised that they were because they reflect us both  spiritually and  creatively .


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Charming wee altars are the hallmarks of pagans, aren't they? The armless goddess must be the Goddess de Milo, LOL!

Sea said...

After seeing your altars, it made me think, and I have a few little "altars" around my house. None as pretty as yours though.

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