September 23, 2011

Still we have the pull of Equinox around us. Equinox seems to spread further each year. Some celebrate on 21st, some 22nd and quite a lot today:) Thank you BW.
We have a painting of a Rumi quote executed by a very talented  friend of mine Pixie Sue. Her website is Inspired by Script. I saw a similar piece at Sue's house when we visited and fell in love with it. She very kindly made one for us

 Not sure if you can see but there are subtle sparkles on it that glisten as you move near. I have this hung in the bedroom with a hare hanging underneath. This was one of Karen's pieces at Moonlight and Hares
Let the moving waters calm down reflects a large part of my inner journeying . To calm the busy mind, to let MY self free. We all have internal chatter. Our minds try to fill any blank moments with inconsequentialities. Shopping lists, "do I need this, that ?What about?" 
When we sit and meditate or even just quieten the chatter for a moment it feels so different.

It is very hard to do.
We have to work on it. Each time we manage a little longer with a silent mind. Many meditation teachers tell us to simply acknowledge the thought that rises to the surface  and then let it go.
Eventually our busy mind knows  that at certain times it has to stay silent. This inner peace, inner space allows us time to just be.
No agenda often, but just a period of calm and inner reflection in a busy life.
It helps so much. I find it renews, it also empties the dross allowing room for beauty, for the place I am on the wheel or path of the year.

The morning pages I do are another way of emptying the mind when I wake each day.
Letting out the worries or even quite often creating pages that lead to a blog post. It is a discipline I enjoy. I don't write everyday but when I do I am glad I've done so.

I will leave you with this quote one of my friends posted today. Seems apt for Autumn Equinox and my ramblings this past week.

Honour the past. Live in the present. Look to the future.


Blue Witch said...

Is there astronomical equinox and other equinox, then? ;)

Calendar here: (altough it's in GMT I think).

I do agree that a quiet mind takes work. I'm fine until Others intervene.

Leanne said...

I have one of Karens hares too! I bought it as a good luck charm/ housewarming gift for yself when we moved here!

seasonal blessings to you both

Leanne x

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Beautiful art! I have some of Karen's rabbit art too -- so unutterably delightful!

laoi gaul~williams said...

Equinox blessings amber :)

i sat in my nook in the garden yesterday and spent time in contemplation

Leanne said...

just checking you are ok Amber

Blessings. Leanne x

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