September 08, 2011

A little sojourn in Cheshire

We have had a short break in Cheshire . Both Mr Mog and I love Chester and Ellesmere Port. As we had such good news at the hospital we decided a little break was in order. This time of year when the schools have gone back is ideal. Not too busy to get around. We always use the park and ride by the zoo, leave the car there then go in on the bus. It saves trying to fight our way round the one way system and trying to find a car park near enough town. Chester also has a brilliant shopmobility scheme. Saves having to take your own wheelchair in and is very reasonable. You can either pay for the day or for the sum of £15 use a scooter when ever you wish for 12 months. Guess which I chose? We have been to Chester many times but never done the tourist bus ride. This time we did and what a good way to spend an hour. A very informative soundtrack to describe events and buildings as you drove by. Quite often they have a live guide also. He was just finishing as we went on the bus but the recording was fine. Not too much information to overwhelm, not too little. We had lunch in Patisserie Valerie croque Monsieur and coffee for me, Darjeeling for Mr Mog. So many gateaux but we resisted. This was a relaxation after all the building works and hospital stress. BW I will post pictures soon of the refurbishment , better still you could come and visit and see them:) What I did notice on our way to Cheshire and around town is the autumn foliage. So many colours to see and absolutely loads of leaves on the ground under trees. A veritable carpet of russet and gold. There is a definite chill to the mornings now and autumn equinox is knocking at the door. I am pleased to have all the busyness over before the wheel turns inward once more. I have been browsing my books, wondering what aspect of my faith to study. Will it be more on the tarot? Perhaps it is time to do more work on the different pantheons. All of this attracts but I need to start slowly after the break from study. I don't want to overwhelm my senses with too much information at one go. I noticed that our stock of incense is getting low, time to get the incense cupboard open and the pestle and mortar in use. I fancy a change for our house incense and our home oils. Frankincense beckons, so does oak moss. I will have to see what to add to both, or either, for our home this winter. I like to change the aroma, I sometimes find that we get used to the same smell and to change it helps inspire and changes the atmosphere of the home. D you ever do that?

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Rosie said...

Sounds like a lovely visit. Frankincense is such a soothing smell.

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