October 12, 2010

flu jab problems now:(

Oh tis a happy house chez moggie:(

Not content with asthma, steroids and  inhaler Mr Mog and I went on Saturday for our annual flu jab. We have this each year because of my weak chest and normally it goes off smoothly. A sore arm for a day then nothing.

This year however was different. We were not aware that the governmen in their wisdom had decided to add the swine flu stuff to it. If I had know there is no way on God's earth I would have gone for the jab. So many friends of mine last year were ill after having this injection.

No mention at the surgery, no questions no information just injections.  Saturday was ok til the evening then both of us started to feel really weary. Aching, headaches, cold. The works
Sunday morning no better and no energy. Violent headaches and sore. Bed at 8pm for us both, trying to combat the poisons. At this time we were unaware that this wasn't the normal injection.

Forward to Monday even worse, we rang doctors and were told 48 hours we would be fine, take paracetamol and lots of liquid. No mention of anything else.

Speaking to an aunt later she mentioned the swine flu element. I rang doctors to ask and was told yes I think we may have that in this years injection. The devious part of me wonders if they don't mention it to avoid people refusing to have the darn thing.

Today I am in bed, shakes,I am  frozen, headaches, so weary I ache all over. Mr mog is a little better thank goodness. When he rang the doctors earlier when I could barely move for shaking he was told, she can come in at 7pm and have her chest listened to.
That will really do me good I am sure.
I have to go to the asthma clinic for the first time tomorrow, we will see what they have to say then. It reinforces my dislike of the medical fraternity and my belief in trying to doctor myself when ever possible.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sorry to hear you've both had such a bad reaction to the flu shot -- hope the symptoms go away soon!

Tammy said...

Oh my dear Ambermoggie. I am so so sorry to hear about this reaction! Here in the states, the signs at the different stores have stated that the shot has 3 flus worth of stuff and it even states that one is the swine flu. I don't trust this part of the vaccine and have decided to pass on my annual flu shot even though I know my lungs won't thank me later. : (

I hope you recover soon from this poison.

CJ Kennedy said...

Sending thoughts you'll feel better soon.

Blue Witch said...

I wondered how they'd offload all that swine flue vaccine they bought in (at huge expense) unnecessarily. Now I know. One occasion when I can't go with my usual maxim of waste not want not.

Hope things improve soon.

Mandy said...

My parents and their friends and I have all had this jab without those side effects.

Apparently one local surgery received a 'bad batch', I'd be questioning this a little more closely if I were you.

Hope you both feel better soon.

Freyalyn said...

Oh dear, poor you and Mr Mog. It has been mentioned in the papers that this year's mix included swine flu, but only in little letters. I'm appalled that the doctor's didn't make this plain. Hugs and sympathy.

FairiesNest said...

I hate when health "professionals" do things like that...like they know so much better then we do what is best. I hope you recover quickly!

Joy said...

Amber, I am so sorry that both you and Mr Mog are feeling so poorly, and I hope you feel better soon.

I think it's important though, that you know that the Government doesn't decide what to put into the flu vaccines,the World Health Organisation does.

The compositon of the vaccine is the same for the whole of the Northern Hemisphere, it's not one just for the UK. No-one has offloaded anything.

It's also not possible for the vaccination to give you either seasonal flu or swine flu as it's not a live vaccine. It sounds as though you were already under the weather.

Once agin, I hope you feel better soon xx

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