August 19, 2010

Glastonbury, a magical place

We have recently returned from Glastonbury, a great visit, very relaxing and inspiring.

My mind is full of colours and ideas, creativity in all its forms.

Being there fills my heart with beauty and my spirit with a balance and a meaning once again. An affirmation more.

Sometimes at home it is hard to keep track of my spiritual path and my intent. So much going on around us.

Glastonbury is an affirmation, an acknowledgement of where I am on the spiral, and sometimes more importantly why?
Not from anything I do or see while I am there but from my connection with the land.

Gone are the days of Tor dreaming.

I am content to sit in the Chalice Well gardens and just be.

To hear the birds and see the lush growth .

All the colours of the season around me, touching my soul , healing and revitalising.

Then the smell of the ripe apples all glowing in the sun, almost ripe for eating but not quite.

The taste of the well water brings me back to the moment. A grounding from the iron filled bounty of the spring.

The feel of the icy cold when I dip my feet in the very slippy healing pool. Almost like alpine melt as it touches , enough to make me gasp with the cold of it but enough to make me glow with energy and warmth when I move away.

The colour continues when you meander up the main street of the town.

All the people dressed their own way with exotic raiment everywhere you look.

Sometimes I see the people of Glastonbury as a Seelie court.

Poetry lines remembered vaguely.
"Rags and tatters and velvet gowns"

Strange otherworldly folks all their own person here.

Some have wings of gauze and silver, others medieval velvet robes despite the summer heat.

There a man in purple patches with leather brimmed hat.

Over there a lady all in white with long hair to match.

The fairy court of Glastonbury about its daily business.

Yes there is another side, isn't there always?

But in this time, on this day the magic side prevails.

The trick is to bring that feeling home and nurture it.

The inspiration, the healing. Keep them fresh and use the energies for that is what they are there for.

If it has heart it is right. For us, for now.

Next time may be different, we may see yet another side.

The spirits are capricious after all.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Beautiful post -- I felt the spirit of Glastonbury all over again!

Blue Witch said...

Wonderful picture. So glad you had a good time there again, after your last experience.

Vicky said...

Beautiful, thank you. I'm so glad you had such a good experience and your lovely words and pictures have taken me there too.

Suzi Smith said...

A lovely journey you took us on amber... & gorgeous photos. Hope you are feeling re-charged!
Hmmm... wells cathedral... def a mercenary operation there!

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