July 21, 2010

The sun has got his hat on and everywhere is lush

The sun is shining first time for nearly two weeks and what a difference it makes. The pain never seems as dire when you can see sunshine.
Have been feeling yuck for a while and the weather does have a great deal to do with how I cope.
This morning started out grey and stormy but now the sky is the most beautiful blue and it is warm.
I went out into the garden and I thought I'd share some of the pictures.
The combination of warm weather and rain has made everything grow.
At the moment the garden seems to be mostly pink/purples and reds but I like that.
The lavatera took a bashing during the bad storms we have had but it is still flowering away merrily.
Pinks have the strongest perfume:)
Nasturtiums taste good as well as look good and we have all shades of them from yellow to deepest red.
The butterflies and bees made a beeline for the buddleia flowers, at one time this afternoon there were well over a dozen of each sampling the nectar.
The flowers smell of honey so no wonder they were tempted.
The loosestrife has overwhelmed the garden a little this year but is now going over giving the nasturtiums time to be seen.

The sedum should be in full bloom in a day or two.
The lime tree loves the sunlight and goes well with the colour of the loosestrife. We did have the purple version but lost it last year with the hard winter.

Part of Mr Mog's railway with clematis , the house collection is to make villages along the track.
One lily flower out and 3 more in the wings.
We cut back the buddleia each year and it bounces back stronger than ever and taller:)
The green men are barely visible now the plants are growing. As it should be for there are many natural green men to be seen among the vegetation if you look.

Mint in abundance
We have already harvested some carrots and there are more waiting to be taken.
The herbs don't seem to have been damaged by the heavy rain and wind.
More clematis

I hope your gardens are flourishing also.


Suzi Smith said...

Everything is lush isn't it! gorgeous.... i've got a couple of tubs of allegedly 'dwarf' sweet peas outside the caravan & they are running rampant!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your garden looks so beautiful and inviting! Thanks for the tour. The Green Man is doing a wonderful job!

Sea said...

My buddliea has bounced and gone wild, I think it needs cutting back quite hard when it has finished. Your garden looks beautiful.

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures of your garden! Lovely. Over here we have finally some rain, a little bit last night, and more is promised. We have an unusual hot and dry period in Germany and my plants only survive with watering every night. Good we have a well… Dry weather is great for the tomatoes though. My lilies get eaten by those beautiful red lily beatles and their ugly offspring.

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