July 25, 2010

Of moons and harvests

Well after moaning that I hadn't seen the moon this month look what I found when I looked out the door last night:) Pictures aren't very clear as I was so excited to see her that I just clicked away.
I have really missed the Lady this month. I always know what moon phase it is without looking but it does make me feel so much better when I can see her:)

The light had a misty quality to it and all the plants in the garden had an otherworldly look to them .
Everything is growing at a fast pace, the combination of constant rain and warm muggy days has brought out the best in the garden.
The lilies are lush and there appear to be a few more buds waiting to burst.
We did a little harvesting from the greenhouses today, the peppers aren't very large but they are tasty. The tomatoes don't last long when they get picked. Like peas they are so much better straight from the plant. The chillies will be dried for winter use.
I do have knitting to show you but I'm just finishing the binding off first. Pictures later this week. It is a Vortex shawl done with my own handspun, round and lace:)

1 comment:

Blue Witch said...

Rain? Haven't seen more than three spots for three weeks. I'm glad we're not on a water meter...

Your veg - especially the peppers - look fabulous. Still waiting for our first ripe tomato, although cucumbers, courgettes and chillis are doing well.

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