February 09, 2010

Of this and that and drum carders and English wool combs

We had a fabulous weekend in Wales with our friends. It is always a pleasure to visit Artis Anne and Tony, they make us very welcome and it is always with reluctance that we return home.
This time was no exception, much enjoyment and much spinning.
One of the other reasons for visiting Wales was to attend a workshop with Amanda Hannaford on Sunday. There were only the four of us and it was very reasonably priced at just £25 each for a full day workshop plus lunch and unlimited drinks. Amanda's husband Ginge made fresh broccoli and blue cheese soup and served it with his own freshly made bread and rolls.
The workshop covered types of fleece, preparing it including carding with hand carders, flick carders and English wool combs and long draw spinning. I had never really wanted to work much with fleece but this workshop converted me:)
I realised that it wasn't much harder than working from prepared tops and you have the satisfaction of making something from fleece to garment.
Amanda was a very inspiring tutor and I will definitely be taking more workshops with her should the opportunity arise.
Moving on from this Mr Mog would like a drum carder and some English wool combs if anyone has any to sell or knows of any?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like a fun time!

Blue Witch said...

Glad you've been having fun. I was getting a bit concerned...

Drum carders are like hens' teeth. Round here at least. Expect to pay around £80-£100 2nd hand. The Barnett ones are best (IMHO), but discontinued now (he's retired). I have one, but am not wanting to sell it, even though there is no way on earth that I can use it myself (needs too much energy and is hard work). I also have an electric one, that belongs to the Gui1d, but it is old and none too safe I feel! But, it does enable me to card myself. Well, not myself, unless I'm careless (it also has no guard,unlike the modern electric ones).

I'd like some wool combs too if you hear of any surplus to your requirements. You can't put BFL through drum carders as it's too knotty.

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