February 19, 2010

Mainly pictures

Colour is very important to me. I love colour and find it a great aid to creativity.
These are my first tulips of the year. British tulips and a joy to behold on this gorgeous sunny day.
I love the insides of tulips.

Do you?
These batts were made at Laal Bears the other day. She kindly offered the use of her drum carder and we took her up on it. It has given Mr Mog ideas of how people use them. When we visited Artis Anne the other week she also got the drum carder out to let us play.

These batts were made from a mixture of fibres that Artis Anne gave us for Yule. They remind me of sea foam.
This is some of the merino from Adelaide Walker mixed with angelina and trilobal nylon. Blue seas or blue skies?
This is some more of the merino from Adelaide Walkers mill shop, mixed with angelina and trilobal nylon. They are actually a darker more mysterious colour in real life.
These batts were made from the second lot of fibre Artis Anne gave us for Yule.
It is hard to see the sheen in a picture but believe me they do all sparkle.

Our flowering cactus is flowering once more. It is only a couple of months since its last show of colour.
A new shower curtain to replace the tatty one we already have. Colours actually blend nicely with the tulips and the cactus when seen together.

The neck warmers are finally photographed.. They were just awaiting buttons. Both made with handspun and very warm.
A choice of colours and a great way to use up left over yarn.
More colour from the inside of the tulip.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

These lovely photos are such cheery splashes of colour! How can there be any debate about photos versus words only? I always steer clear of anyone who argues that there is only one "real" way of doing anything or being someone! They're usually joyless fanatics.

Suzi Smith said...

lovely, lovely, lovely!!

Sea said...

Beautiful colours!

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