November 18, 2007

WIPs and goodies in post:)

Where to begin? I just typed a great post twice and blogger lost it:(
Never mind. I have been having great fun with my second pair of socks. Here you see the first sock almost finished and guess what? It fits Mr Mog so he has claimed it:) Aren't the colours lovely? It's some yarn I purchased a while ago and it doesn't have tags so I can't tell you what it is sadly. It is lovely to knit with though. I think I need to find a bag for sock knitting to travel in, what do you recommend as a place to purchase one? The big knitting bag is too big for the tiny sock stuff:)
Secondly I received some wonderful goodies in the mail this week:)

From Claire bear and her moggies I received this lovely sock book, together with needles and yarn to make some of said socks:) Thanks Claire I really appreciate it:)

from Ruth
2 balls of rainbow yarn for happy socks for Mr Mog:) Thanks Ruth he is pushing me to get them on the needles, talk about impatient.
Mr Mog is doing ok, he is very tired but that is to be expected and I'm trying to make him rest some more than he wants to.
Tomorrow I think we are taking the bus into Lancaster for an hour if he is up to the travel, his idea not mine but it will be nice to have a little lunch in town.
I want to go to Harrogate this weekend but will have to see if Mr Mog is ok before I do. I won't be spending, budget is all to pot with Yule shopping last week but I'd love to go and help on the K&CG stand and meet up with folks. We will see

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Herzblut said...

chuffed you're pleased....cats send purrs and are currently snoozing as though butter wouldn't melt in their mouths..... :)

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