November 25, 2007

An awesome gift and another pair of socks

Look at the wonderful parcel that arrived from Maylin isn't it fab? In it you see, 2 lots of wool that Maylin plied for me so definately OOAK:) then 2 skeins of Colinette Zanziba, haven't tried this before but looks gorgeous and feels soft.
A great bag for toting my new obsession around , covered in cats and a notebook with cats for keeping track of patterns and inspiration:) A pair of addi circs large enough to knit the purple yarn, I'm seeing shawl here Maylin what about you?
A very evocative card with the green man or tree spirit and I've framed this:)
And finally Ta Daaaa , Maylin made Mr Mog a pair of socks and they fit a treat as you can see in the picture underneath:))Where incidentally you can see the progress on the other pair and the finished items on Mr Mog's feet:))
I've started another pair in the rainbow yarn from Ruth and once I've finished the latest earflap hat I'll be casting on another shawl.
Didn't get to Harrogate sadly as Mr Mog wasn't too good, I didn't want to leave him on his own. My DD has just come out of hospital Friday after having her gall bladder taken out and she is very fragile at the moment also.
Times flies on and we go to the hospital Monday morning to meet the Oncologist about Mr Mog's radiotherapy. Hoping it doesn't start until after Christmas to give him a little more time to recover from his operation.


Rosie said...

Hope all goes well on Monday. healing thoughts being sent to Mr Mog and your DD.

Fabulous sockses (is there a plural for more than one pair of socks?) and what a wonderful parcel.

Marianne said...

Yes, hope all goes well on Monday and the treatments can start after the holidays...
What delightful treats in your parcel! Love the red socks on Mr.Mog, and also the ones you made him... one thing for sure, his feet are going to be happy and warm!

Roobeedoo said...

Great socks! And thank you SO much for the yarn - it looks just like those socks! The rainbow was a gift, no need to reciprocate, but I love the colours so you can't have it back !)
Radiotherapy was FL's BEST thing. He said it took the pain away almost instantly, so don't be afraid of it, Mr Mog! Good luck both Mogs!

maylin said...

I was thinking shawl indeed what else would a mog makeith purple yarn. Knit with impunity if it runs out I can ply up some more.

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