June 29, 2007

Woolfest, I came I saw, I purchased very little and I met plenty:)

I went to Woolfest today and had a fabulous allbeit very tiring time. I was going to stay 2 days but sadly health stuff made it impractical. Mr Mog dropped me off at 5past 10 and the first person I saw, who kindly let me in the queue was Wye Sue. As I started to move up the queue who should be making their way to the entry but Jo It was so fantastic to finally meet up and we promised to talk more once we got inside. There was so much colour that at first I was totally overwhelmed. Wye Sue was very helpful to this newbie, thank you Sue and it was so great to meet you finally. The list of folks I met was far too long to link to but Ruth Woollie Wormhead, India Midnight Knitter, Carrie Acrylic Yarn, English Jo, Flossie knits, to name a few.Jo and I exchanged gifts and once I get my new camera I'll show you what Jo did for me:)
Sadly my digital camera blew up yesterday so all my photos were on the old camera phone. I'll find the lead and upload them tomorrow.
I met the lovely Jenni from Fyberspates, Natalie from Yarn Yard and many more. I was extremely good and only purchased 2 skeins of mohair(naturally) from Jenni plus some mogggie, turtle and sheep buttons from the button lady. I think the wide choice was too much and I didn't know where to look. However Natalie, if you do dye mohair I will of course have to sample it.
I found it very tiring and the cafe was way too busy all the time. Hard to get food or drink. I rang Mr Mog and he came to get me and took me to Sainsburys for a sandwich before I returned for the final onslaught. I am pleased I went, it was so wonderful to meet the online folks I know.
Pictures tomorrow


Flossie in Stitches said...

It was good to meet you, sorry I ran off shortly after I met you! x

artyfartykat said...

Sorry I missed you! I think you saw Carrie Anne the only time in the day I wasn't with her!!
Pleased you enjoyed the time you had there and sounds like some yummy mohair you've bought!

maylin said...

Glad you had a good time even if it was shorter than you hoped. I would have loved to have been there so I must visit secondhand through blogs.

Wye Sue said...

Good to meet you at last.
Glad you had a good time, I'm not long home, already booked the youth hostel for next year !!

Kath said...

Oh sorry to have missed you but it was rather overwhelming in there on Friday - far too much colour and lusciousness to admire for just one day! Maybe next year!

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