June 14, 2007

Deviation from knitting for mermaids and a Calorimetry

Yes I blush to disclose that I have sinned. I have deviated from knitting to a little stitchery witchery:)Here you see my current obsession, mermaids. I have wanted to make a small wall hanging for my altar since before we moved. Here you see a few sample pieces. Still not sure on what the finished altar one will be like.I have been thinking of mermaids lately for several reasons.
Firstly we have moved to the coast and mermaids and the sea go together.
Secondly water goddesses , I am drawn towards the water goddesses more at the moment. That too could be the move and also of course water is tied into emotions, feelings.
Thirdly the wheel I live on is not a fixed circle, or at least I do try not to live in a fixed way. It is a spiral always moving outwards and upwards. With occasional moves back inward. Such is life:)Setbacks are part of what makes us grow.(Keep on telling yourself that Amber ) The other thing that made me get the sewing stuff out was the mermaid fabric from Laurel Burch. I love Laurels stuff, it always makes me smile. Not just the subject but also the colours she uses.
Add them together and you get the pictures here. The first 2 are various hand dyed fabrics, machine and hand stitched. Third is the start of another one, sans mermaid at the moment.
Then I made a calorimetry, again:) Picture is a little fuzzy because the wool is. But isn't the colour gorgeous? I've a couple more balls of it so I feel a mixed shawl in it's future.
Watch the next post for current progress on Sursa


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Those mermaids are STUNNING! Fabrics layered, stitched, arranged? Is there felting in there? I can't believe anything so beautiful.

See you at Woolfest tomorrow week and GIVE on your methods!

Miss Me said...

Your work is gorgeous! Just surfed over from Virtual Vacation... And I'm feeling just a tad envious of both your job and where you live.

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