May 13, 2007

More shawls and moving date

Latest shawl finished and a new one started. Finished one is mix of unnamed mohair in dark blue mixed with fleece artist eyelash multi color. Love the finished effect on this one. I've started another one in a mix of the Woolmeise sock yarn I won from Eva(thank you Eva)together with silky chic from Colinette. Colour is Florentina I think. Doesn't it look fabulous and the colour is so vibrant. This may be a keeper:)
Received our moving date, we will be heading Lancashire way 21st May. Can't wait now as house is in an uproar, half packed up. Haven't started packing the yarn cupboards yet as I may need more yarn from them:)


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

LOVE that colour combination and the Silky Chic is superb - another yarn to get!

Good luck with the moving, little pigeon. My thoughts will be with you.

knitphomaniac said...

wonderful shawls ~ those are some excellent colours!

Anonymous said...

So beutiful colours!

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