May 22, 2007

a home by the sea

well we moved yesterday, eventually. I'm sure Loki was with us as everything went wrong til the bitter end. We finally unloaded van at 7pm last night, from Mr Mog doing final packing stuff at 9 in morning. Boy were we shattered when we went to pick up the grandsons and go to my daughters home.
Today has been spent doing very important things, i.e. Mr Mog putting up the bookshelves so we can start unloading the hundreds of books. That will make some space:)
We are still at my daughters until Thursday when we can sleep at the new bungalow for the first time. Can't wait. The house is warm, cosy and close to beach, shops and trains motorway etc.
My email has changed, I am now with virgin(again) so virgindotnet from now


Craftydramaqueen said...

I'm so pleased you got moved ok. It'll be fun when you've got everything unpacked and you snuggl on the sofa with your knitting for the first time!
You are tagged for the 7 random facts meme, when you have time, of course!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Home!

artyfartykat said...

Hope things will be much easier for you and you soon settle into your new home.

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