March 29, 2007

Without no seams just needlework:) and rotten Tesco:(

Love that Simon and Garfunkel song:) Here we have the 2 hats I made from Noro
kureyon, own pattern on 4 needles, hence no seams:))
I wanted to play around with a simple pull on hat but wasn't sure what. Lots of ripping but here we have the finished pics. One with eyelets then seed and rib. Other just eyelets.
And just because 2 pics Mr Mog took in the forest yesterday, doesn't it look wonderful?
I'm feeling grumpy today. I ordered a printer/scanner from Tesco Monday with standard 24hour delivery. Didn't expect til Wednesday for sure because it was after noon Monday. As of now Thursday teatime not here, lots of phone calls later maybe next week, maybe not as I had the termerity to order during a busy time. No mention on the website and no bothered when I ring. They keep saying they will ring back but don't
Wouldn't you know it that I need printer?
Ah well let the pictures of the forest soothe the troubled mind:)


Nana Sadie said...

what nice hats! I knew it was Noro b/4 I read that...
You did a wonderful job!
Hope the printer woes end soon!

Craftydramaqueen said...

Your Noro hats are gorgeous. I love the way the green melts into pink. Hope your printer comes soon.

dreamcatcher said...

The Noro hats are gorgeous :-) Hope that printer turns up soon.

Anonymous said...

I always love looking at your photos...sigh... :) Thanks so much for the open invite to your guest room! That is so wonderful of you! I think we're staying in Ireland. My mom has this fixation with the SW corner of it for some reason, so I have to work on getting her to go North...*grin* We're definitely going to the Aran Islands...That's a definite!!

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