March 27, 2007

Updates and replies, Thank yous ,needles, Glastonbury and Paul Mitchell

As you can tell by the title bits and bobs in this post:)Thanks for the lovely comments on my finished items:) I think I've done around 12 shawls this year so far? Plus maybe 10 calorimetry, other hats, fingerless gloves and not sure what else:) They help on long pain filled days to pass the time. Also on the nights I can't sleep.
My needle request Marianne? I don't mind what they are made of but need 6 and 7mm if possible. Although someone mentioned you can get small length circular needles also which would help if they do that size in them.
BTW any US readers, is Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner cheap over there? I know its a US company and pricey here in UK but what is it like there? Wondering if its worth my purchasing and having mailed over. I tried some at my friends while down for the funeral and my hair felt wonderful and so many people said how well it looked. A real boost for a fed up moggie:))
I received a beautiful card and yarn samples from Maylin today. Thanks Maylin I love the card. Also from a friend down in Lancashire a brilliant book Magical needlework by Dorothy Morrison. Some great stuff in it and I'm looking forward to trying some. Thanks Andrea for this:)
We are going to Glastonbury for a couple of days next week, so I need to find out if there are any yarn shops or things going on in the area. Must say I'm looking forward to full moon on the tor:)


Unknown said...

Wow, full moon on the tor sounds wonderful! I've never been, but it's on my list of places to visit. I'm glad I found your blog!

Bright blessings from Seattle!


artyfartykat said...

You put me to shame with your prolific knitting! I know from experience that knitting does help to distract me from pain.
Enjoy your trip to Glastonbury!

Craftydramaqueen said...

The shawls and calorimetries are fabulous! The buttons are very cute. Glad you caught up with your relatives.

Marianne said...

It would be a week or more before I would be able to get out and check for the there the possibility you might be able to locate some in Glastonbury? Let me know if you have any luck.

maylin said...

When will you be in Glastonbury. If this awful cold I have at the moment abates I should be going to the UK tomorrow and staying nearby (Shepton Mallet) until sunday 1st then on to London on the 2nd. We may pass on the motorway!

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