February 28, 2007

test results:( more knitting

Well the test results all came back clear from the blood so no help there. Doctor is now awaiting my visiting the cardiologist as there is still a murmur and irregular heartbeat and I am still feeling very rough. The breathlessness and heartbeat stuff is getting a lot worse. Where it was every so often it is now most of the time and is keeping me awake. I don't like it at all, it frightens me which probably makes me worse as well.
Anyway on to knitting:) I started the chevron shawl again in my fearless fibers superwash merino I won from Knitspot. I don't like it on the needles I picked looks boring:)
I'm going to try the lacy prairie shawl in it I think. Unless anyone has a simple lacy shawl idea that would show off this yarn to its best?
I'm enjoying making the ocean wave stole in my fiberspates mohair. You know the one, I showed it a few posts ago?? Its greeny old cream colour with flecks of pink??
I was doing a triangle shawl but it looked boring:) (Are we sensing a theme here?)
It does show the lacy stole pattern beautifully but I can't do it while reading as I keep getting distracted. I went wrong and while trying to pull back it knotted, as mohair does, so I'm making a neck warmer out fo the first piece:)
There will be photos I promise its just too wet and dark at the minute.
photos of Mr Mogs walk up the fell side the other day, hope you like?


Ms. Knitingale said...

It's so frustrating to have to sleuth out an answer to a health problem. I'm sending all kinds of good, healing energy your way. I'm so hoping they'll find an answer-and that it's an easy fix.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber! Just stopping by to say hello! I've been blogger absent over the past month and am trying to play catch-up now :) Hope you are well :)

Marianne said...

Amber, the photos are lovely.
I think once the health issues (sending lots of warm loving healing thoughts and energy your way) are figured out and you start feeling better the knitting will fall in line, and yes, I'm thinking that stressing out about it all probably makes it worse (but it's hard to not worry and fret, I understand).

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