February 07, 2007

Finished shawls

Here with I give you 2 finished shawls and a start of one:)
The lacy prairie shawl from Folk shawls in palest pistachio green and yes yes I know the pattern is incorrect but you know what I don't care because I love it anyway:) My glasses were broken and because it was squashed up on the needles I didn't actually notice until I came to photograph it. Don't know what the yarn was but I have enough for at least another shawl which is good:). This is the 2nd lunar month shawl for my hospice year.
The first lunar month was the cream boucle one. Yarn from Jo at Celtic memory yarns, a real pleasure to knit with and I shall have to be seeing if she has any more of this as I've had so many positive comments while knitting it. Pattern prairie shawl folk shawls book.
3rd picture (although not sure how the pictures will show up as new blogger shows the code only til you publish) is the beginning of a shawl in stocking stitch yarn is fyberspates 100% superwash merino and isn't it pretty? this will be my 3rd lunar shawl albe it an early start.
And yes i know I said I was going to start knitting one for me in the mountain color yarn that Brooke sent me, but the eyelash I got from Jo didn't give the effect that my mind's eye saw. I knit around 6 inches of the 2 together last night and it wasn't me. I think that the MCyarn will maybe look better with possibly rowan kidsilk in the darkest night or slate blue. I am thinking that the softnest of this will bring out the colours of the wild raspberry what do you think?
So I may start that this evening.
As for the eyelash? Well that is going to be added to a skein of fluffy cream with splashes of delicate pink mohair that again came from Fyberspates. The 2 together look sweet. Not a moggie colour scheme but I know a lady who will adore this and her birthday is coming up in a few weeks.
Watch this space.

On other news we have heavy frost here and the woodland is white. There are patches where the sun has melted but most is white still. When we drove by the loch into the village the edges were frozen. Fairytale lands indeed.


Ms. Knitingale said...

wow, I don't know which one I like best--they're all so pretty! I'm loving the lavenders, though.....then again, the pistachio green has a lovely delicacy to it....I'm smitten!

Marianne said...

The cream one, I like the cream coloured one definitely.
Lovely, Amber.

Nana Sadie said...

Lovely shawls, the Lacy Prairie is one I love to make, and am working on one now!
Thanks for visiting my blog today...

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