July 15, 2006

Worst and most favourite yarns?

I sat for over 2 hours today with Mr Mog trying to wind Colinette Silky Chic yarn into a ball. Gave up after said time with 4 tiny balls and a tangled mess. Photo at left. This is going to Colinette Monday to see how they wind it. Its not the cheapest yarn, it has a wonderful effect mixed with mohair in shawls but its a b***ger to wind. I've had a fair bit of silky chic over past few months and eventually managed to make into balls, but this one beat me. I won't be buying any more.
And yet-
my most favourite yarn is colinette also, Colinette Mohair. I love the colours, I love the feel of the yarn as I knit and I love the finished effect.
Ah well, I'm off to start a fire shawl in Colinette mohair and the little silky chic I have. Photos in a couple of days when its finished. Weather here is red hot and I think a cool drink and a seat in the gazebo overlooking the forest and castle is just the ticket:))
And Michelle? I'd love some koolaid thanks and would gladly trade for something Scottish??
email amberdotmoggie atglenkensbbdotcodotuk for addy etc and thank you again:)


dreamcatcher said...

I completely agree about Colinette Mohair. It's a beautiful yarn to knit with and amazingly it doesn't seem to shed. Not tried the Silky Chic but thanks for the warning :-)

I'd love to see a photo of the view over the forest and castle, it sounds amazing :-)

Sarah said...

Looks like that yarn must be very frustrating. Such a shame because it looks so pretty.

Kath said...

My Mum actually calls Silky Chic Silky Shit as it's that much of a horror to wind, unpick, or make into anything but scarves! But it does feel so snuggly!

Artis-Anne said...

Do NOT buy Silky Chic for garments . I made a cardigan using 5 skeins and it just rode up when worn I frogged and wasted loads in frustration and then I tried mixing it with Giotto for a shrug , still not right . As Kath says feels lovely but keep it for scarves or throws which is what mine will end up as. Look forward to seeing yours
Anne (Kath's Mum )

Angie said...

Just made to drive us insane..Lasso isn't much better as it catches on every bit of rough skin .angie

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