July 19, 2006

Hot and getting hotter, could it be the fire shawl?

Well its very hot and getting hotter according tow eather reports. Yesterday was 82 and today topped 98 here in Scotland. Yes the very same Scotland land of mists and midges. Way too hot to do anything much but I tried:)
Yesterday we took a trip to Moniaive and Drumlargan Castle home of the Buccleuch? family. That was to see the bike museum they have there. But what a wonderful day it turned into. Having the windows open on the car meant a great breeze whilst driving. Much prefer to aircon, far more natural and more important uses much less fuel in the process. The drive from our home to firstly Moniaive and then the castle was fantastic. Imagine if you will dear readers driving across moorlands seeing mountains, fields and views that went on forever. Then imagine if you will that as you turned a corner before reaching Moniaive that just in front of you should be a roe deer stag, and that he waited til you were almost to him and stopped, looked at you then proceeded ever so slowly to the side of the road and into the scrub. We stopped and looked for him, with camera at the ready. No signs but we were very patient and a couple of minutes later he started to amble down the hillside and through the stream at the bottom of this wee hillside. Very clear and ideal for photographing, indeed one could almost say he was offering a photo opportunity to us. And what happened? Whilst waiting the darned digital camera had turned itself off so when Mr Mog went to snap our willing subject he had to wait for the thing to turn on. Consequently just a very clear photo of a roe deers behind:))
Never mind it set us off again in high spirits with me searching all around for more deer, not greedy or anything. We didn't see more but we saw eagles, red kites and buzzards, so plenty of nature as we drove. Then Moniaive, you must visit Moniaive if ever you get to this neck of the woods. There is a fantastic cafe called the green tea house and the menu is incredible. Wide choice and all home made. Mr Mog had tomato and basil soup with home made roll, could have eaten it with a fork it was so thick and every mouthful a flavour burst. I had cheese and onion toastie on granary with a mixed salad. The salad was full of rice, lentils, veg by the billion and flavour to match. The toastie divine and so much I barely finished it. Me who can eat for Europe when the food calls:) Mr Mog had tea with lemon large cup and I had home made lemonade. Total for all this £7.75. Great place, lovely people good food what more can you ask? Moniaive is a lovely village? town? windy streets and most property single storey. River in the middle with a bridge that has an area for pedestrians so you can stand and watch the fish without fear of accident. We saw loads of baby brown trout enjoying the sun.
Then on to the bike museum, even more mountains and hills to see and the castle drive was stunning. Main drive up was a straight avenue banded by mature trees with the view of the castle at the end. We didn't go in as we had previously decided to just go the museum this time but I will go back for sure. The range of bikes was great everything from a replica of the first prototype through penny farthings to latest bikes. A cyclists heaven and I enjoyed also even though I no longer cycle. Some interesting craft shops also to go round.
Then off home with a lot of good memories and sights stored up to interpret in my art.
I came home and finished the fire shawl, its very warm, very fiery. Well this weather it would have to be wouldn't it? Pictures in a couple of days soon as I block it and fringe.
Down to lancashire tomorrow to see family and friends then home. The elastic pulls me back here if I go farther than the shops.


Unknown said...

Welcome to Art doll makers. I'll be glad to send you some Kool aid it's cheap enough. Now I just went food shopping yesterday and won't hit the stores again until next week so that gives us plenty of time to get address and all that.


Jenn said...

mber could you plese email me? I can't seem to find your new email address.

sp8_hostess_Jenn at comcast dot net


Claudia said...

Can't wait to see the pictures! It sounds lovely! Here on the east coast of America (one hour south of Boston), it's very hot and humid, too. Without air conditioning, I suspect I would have withered away by now! *grin*

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