June 04, 2006

update on the move

We went up to the new house Friday and took a van load of things. Stayed over and came back Saturday. House looking gorgeous and waiting patiently for us to move come Thursday. Lots more packing to do and I haven't knit for a week almost as I've been too exhausted. Hopefully after Thursday things will settle down. I'm waiting on tests results Tuesday on my newest health stuff. We are looking after grandsons tomorrow also as its still half term at their school. I think I may be getting the spinning wheel before we go to Scotland(fingers crossed) Then its just a small matter of learning to spin:)) So I'll be quiet for a few days I think now, no internet access til I organise a link with dear old BT. I'll be thinking of everyone though and send a positive thought that the move goes ok for me.
Scotland here I come again:)


Wye Sue said...

Hope everything goes ok and you manage to find everything easily at the other end ;-)

Angie said...

Lots of good wishes winging your way..angie,Holly and Jeff xxx

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