June 28, 2006

swapping on gimme your stuff, weather and Woolfest

to answer the queries I'm looking for any weight except very fine laceweight as sadly my fingers can't feel it so good now to knit. Anything from 50gms onwards and colours any except pastels but specially at the moment earth/moss tones for my bedspread project to keep the mog warm in the Scottish winters. Today was a dreadul day for health. My knees are shot at more than ever and every single step reminded me of the mermaid story Charles de Lint did based on original fable. Where the mermaids steps were like knifes cutting into her? that was and is my knees lately. Plus I have a sneaky feeling I've cracked a rib(again) sadly my crumbly joints and bones can break for no reason and I think from the soreness my rib has once more. Its not one you can patch up, basically you grin and bear til the pain goes and it sort of heals. But no matter. Now folks woolfest this weekend who is going and when? I am hoping to be there Friday or depending when folks are going I may make it Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing whats there and meeting up with blogger mates. I know of some names are there any more?


Craftydramaqueen said...

Becky and I will be there on Friday only, Carrie & Kath are there for the duration. One night in a tent will be enough for me!! Hope to see you on Friday.

Anonymous said...

I'll be at Woolfest on Saturday - looking forward to it! (That's a bit of an understatement. I do a wee dance every time I think about it.) I emailed you from work today, but not sure if you're still using the same addy now you've moved. Hope to see you Saturday, and glad to see you're settling in to the new place. :o)

maylin said...

I have posted a picture of some yarn on my blog if you are interested. If you would like me to send any or all of it email me at maylin.tan@tiscali.fr please.

Have fun at the Woolfest, I am only slightly jealous - well ok then I am alot jealous.

BabyLongLegs said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my Blog about my Koolaid Dyed wool :)
I buy my yarn from Yarn Traders on eBay (...or www.bluefaced.com)
Its lovely wool to knit with, and it also felts really well too :)
Glad your move went well...and you are nestled soundly in Scottieland :)
Happy Knitting!!
Sarah xXx

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