June 08, 2020

Uncertain times

It is an uncertain time we are living through and no end in sight. Some days it’s hard to see anything but lockdown. Then there are signs and seeds of hope. As I write this New Zealand are lifting restrictions. They approached this virus differently than the shambolic UK attempts.
But going back to The Book of Qualities by J Ruth Gendler. Today my first page that opened was Terror.  She writes of the Qualities as people. Quite a lot of them are illustrated in black and white lines.
The bit I want to quote is this :-
‘When Terror wants power she has many ways to silence those who oppose her. She is willing to use violence to achieve her ends; often she prefers less obvious means. Terror knows that she can control the body by controlling the mind. When people are in states of confusion, Terror’s propaganda passes for truth.’
It seems apt for how we are being manipulated somehow.

But looking for the beauty and something positive helps me. Just look at the yarn I am plying. It’s called Samarkand from Fellview Fibres. I’ve loved spinning it, it reminds me of the sea and sand.
The cards are from my friend Sue Creative spirit affirmation cards
And I guess no surprise that I’m still knitting shawls. Here is the latest one off the needles.

Finally some friends of mine were involved in a ritual on YouTube . I think it was called pass the light  and keep the candle burning. So for hope during these worrying times I leave you with this.
Please keep the light burning.

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