July 22, 2016

Cancer Update

It has been a while but haven't felt like posting much.not a lot to report, Mr Mog is getting more and more tired each day and losing weight again. This heat doesn't help either when you have to wear a full back brace and a layer of clothing underneath all the time you are up and about, plus he doesn't like it too hot at the best of times. There may be the possibility of a new drug trial. Lots of screening beforehand and he may not be a suitable candidate but hey it's a little more hope. It "may " make him feel a little better and it "may " extend his life but obviously they can't say for certain. It doesn't matter really it's a little more hope and that's never a bad thing.
Today Mr Mog made the decision that he wasn't well enough for the birthday trip to the Isle of Man . He is worried about worsening while away from hospice, oncology and doctors and it's a good allbeit sad decision. There would be no point having a few days away if he worried all the time or me. I must admit I wasn't sure that he would be well enough but no one could say except himself.
We haven't done an awful lot but did fit in an overnight trip to Liverpool  which we both enjoyed.
There has been knitting and spinning going on here and I have been doing a little more playing in my craft room.

A box I altered

The garden is looking particularly lush this year

Love all the tangles of green

Even if the nasturtium flowers are shy.

And we never add fertiliser

No need

This months full moon was particularly spectacular

And lots of colour

This shawl was gifted before I had even finished it, a friend at Woolfest fell in love with it 

So as soon as it was off the needles and blocked it was winging its way to her.

Then I started one in my handspun

P.s. Blue Witch the golden  Lammas shawl  is Pamuya pattern on Ravelry and the stitch is called Wave. 

So how's things with you?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, no need for fertilizer when you've got the Green Man on the job in your garden! Bright blessings to you both.

Blue Witch said...

Thanks Amber... took a bit of finding, as there are loads of stitches called 'wave' by Google... but is this your one?


The moon was wonderful, last full, wasn't it?

Sorry to hear that Mr Mog is less well, and that he won't be attempting his birthday trip - sending hugs to him, and perk-up spell pronto. With this heat my spells are rather potent, so expect him to be running round the block tomorrow!!! Well... we can hope, can't we? Hope the trial suits him, if he suits it.

Hope you're taking care of yourself too? The fact that you are able to be creative is a good sign I think.

Us, well, we're bumbling along, too much gardening and beekeeping to do, and not enough time for what I'd really like to do... too many unfinished projects...

Love to you both xxx

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