August 20, 2012


On the eve of my birthday, a major one this time and would have been pension age if the government hadn't changed the goalposts. I don't think about my age or worry about it . It is just a number after all. Hadn't planned anything for it as I have been rather distracted organising a special event.
It was MrMog,s birthday last week and I decided to celebrate in a special way.
I organised a mini wool festival - Mogfest. Invited many friends and family to join us and some very special stall holders that MrMog really liked.
I also organised lunch, this was catered by Vintage Village Hall who do afternoon teas served in traditional style with bone china,cake stands and embroidered tablecloths.
I think there were nearly 80 of us all together and it was wonderful. Mr Mog didn't know util we arrived at the venue. He thought we were going to support our friends in their first craft show. True as they were having a stand.
When we arrived at the venue I explained I hadn't been quite truthful and pointed to the large Mogfest banner outside the venue:)
I told him he needed his invite and had to wear the special tshirt my friend had designed for him.

All friends were waiting to welcome him and he was very overwhelmed to say the least.

He had suspected something as w had 3 friends staying for 3 nights but thought that it was just to celebrate at home.It was a wonderful day and well worth the weeks of lack of sleep and stress, I did have fantastic help from good friends though.
The cake was wonderful, a 3d cat, mogfest and Mr Mog on it. Oh and paw prints. it took a week to recover but I am so pleased I did it.
Friends wanted to donate to a charity as the event was free and we raised £675 on the day which was incredible. Half has gone to the air ambulance and half to St Catherine's hospice, both worthy cause
There is probably a lot more to say but that will be another day.
How are you?


Sea said...

Happy birthday Amber! Tiz my Westie, Spark's, birthday too...and I am in hospital for a sub something joint injection...part diagnostic and if I'm lucky also painkilling.
Have a great day

Rosie said...

Happy birthday! Mogfest sounds likes a huge success. Did anyone get a photo of Mr Mog's face when he realised what was happening?
I hope that today is filled with good things for both of you.

Roobeedoo said...

Oh fantastic! I am so glad it went well - and happy bday to you too! :D

Anonymous said...

So glad Mogfest went well :) A very happy birthday to you, and no dount I shall see you at the Bluefaced weekender!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Happy birthday, Mr. Mog! MOGFEST sounds like it was a wonderful event and what a perfect name for it!

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