July 21, 2012

Sometimes the wild goddess calls you

 You might not be listening at that moment
so she calls a little louder
 Will you listen? Will you ignore her?
 Will your heart sing and your joy spring forth at her call?
 Does she reach the inner you? the child within?
 What will you do with the call and its message?
 The first pictures above are a half of this years lavender crop in the front border, ripe already. I left the rest for the bees:) Then this picture is some part of our tomato and pepper growing in the conservatory. We have had our first tomatoes from them.
 The back border shows some colour and is growing so well with the wet warm weather we have had.

 The lush flowers in the vases were a thank you gift from friends who are moving. We went to lend a hand packing. The flowers are now fully out and truly stunning.
 I have decided to give spindling another go and I love the trindle I got from a friends destash. The batt I am spinning is also from a destash and a change from my usual bright colours. It does however have some sparkle in it.
 Then another friend persuaded me to have a go at knitting a swirl jacket. I had lots of part balls of yarn left over from the Elsewhere jackets I knit so decided to use those. The jackets are an unusual construction, you cast on almost 600 stitches in a circle using long tail cast on. I'd never done that before and that was an exercise in patience. Also made my thumbs exceedingly sore. I knit several rounds and was sure that I'd not twisted the join but I had:(
A  friend who was staying took pity on me and when I had pulled back the many rows I'd done she cast on for me. Thanks Sam:) We did go to the Tynedale Gathering over on the north east  and while speaking to one of the other people there I heard of a great idea for joining circles. This lady pins out the circle on her ironing board, checks it is straight then joins in situ. What do you know it works much better than crossing fingers and hoping.
 The jacket is very bright as you can see and I love it. The sleeves are too long but I'm not worried. I will stitch the cuffs back on it,.
 Then I did mention my sewing ?
This is my little featherweight machine, isn't it lovely?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Lavender, how lovely! I'm sure the bees appreciate you sharing it with them.

Freyalyn said...

That Swirl Jacket is utterly wonderful - I shall look forward to seeing it in person. It couldn't have been made by anyone but you! And your flowers and plants are lovely - thank you for sharing. I have a few herbs in pots at the back, but can't have anything too nice or it would be nicked, and there's very little sun there either so they're a bit weedy. Oh well...

Puddytat purr said...

You're welcome ;)

Ann P. said...

I am so glad you are back -- and that all is well!

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