August 11, 2011

Rain Again

I don't know about you but here the rain has been horrendous for days. Add in gale force winds and it is not fit weather for the builders to put up the conservatory. We have had a base down for several weeks. I was hoping that the build would have been completed for this weekend for Mr. MOg's birthday but it wasn't to be. I had started to arrange a party. This has been postponed til hopefully next week. I had invited good friends from various parts of the country most of whom could make it. However once I realised the delays I stopped inviting and started delaying.
Still the work will be done sometime I am sure and we are both looking forward to having an extra room . Our home is great but just that bit too small for entertaining more than a couple of people.
So what else has been going on? Lots in the outside world mostly crap as I am sure you know. Here we still wake up each morning glad that we have another day together. Sounds silly maybe to you but each day is precious. I know we all are aware that our lives on this spiral are a finite length but when you are reminded it brings it home. It makes you appreciate everything.
Good friends and family who are there for you if you need them yet not in your face. sunset over the sea and the smell of blackberries stewing gently on the stove .
The spinning is a little slow, my body is having a bad spell with scuffles to see which part hurts today. But knitting keeps me sane and shawls (of course) continue to appeal.
Not a lot here today but I wanted to say hello.


Freyalyn said...

We had rain yesterday, lots last night and a bit this morning, but before that it's been dry for ages. Good luck getting the conservatory up.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

We had a very rainy July but are now starting to see some summer heat.

Leanne said...

a very happy birthday weekend for MrMog, with or without the conservatory!
blessings, Leanne x

Blue Witch said...

Happy Birthday to Mr Mog!
Hope it's been a good one, and the weather has shined on you.

Celtic Memory Jo said...

The blackberries are ripening here too, and like you, I give thanks for the small but pure delights in life.

Belated birthday greetings to the lovely Mr. Mog

Blue Witch said...

Happy Birthday to you Amber!

Hope all is well with you both.

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