March 07, 2011

The spiral dance

As the days get ever lighter we edge closer to Ostara or Spring Equinox. My heart lifts with the brighter days and sunshine. It has not been a good winter, there has been much to cope with from illness to death and much in between. I keep reminding myself of my Nan's favourite saying "the Goddess never gives us more than we can cope with" However  there is quite a difference between what the Goddess and I believe is enough:)
The inward facing days have been very interesting to say the least with much soul searching and letting go. Some years this dark half has more effect than others. The wheel turns slowly when you are working through things. I dare say it will speed up now with the return of the light.
The spinning and knitting continue apace, they keep me sane and balanced when I most need it. A brilliant meditation tool both of them. My hands weave patterns while my mind journeys where it wishes or needs to go.
People come and go touching our lives briefly or for longer periods. I'm convinced that we come together for a purpose then when that has been fulfilled they move onwards to new things and others come into our orbit. It isn't just about helping others on their path I think it helps us also as we see things through new people's eyes .


Freyalyn said...

I'm feeling so much joy with the returning of the sun, and it was a beautiful new moon this evening - I stood by the river in the freezing cold watching the moon's sliver and crimson sky reflected behind the clear-cut trees.

Ann said...

It is so good to have a new post from you. I've been concerned that you were ill. Over that last couple of years your insight has been very helpful to me, and I am grateful.

Blue Witch said...

Lovely light on the shawls.

The sun in the day the last couple of days has been deceptive: night temperatures still way below zero (-5.8C inside the potting shed last night, poor plantlets). So much frost last night that it looked like snow this morning.

artyfartykat said...

Its lovely to have you blogging again Amber.
Those extra minutes of light each day make such a difference, I feel I have so much more energy and hope as the days lengthen.
The shawl looks beautiful, so intricate and the colours work so well together. x

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